Move In Day!

I finally moved into my new "house"! It's seriously a blessing and a curse to have such a big dorm. I guess most dorms are just one room and a couple beds....weelllll not BYUI! There's 2 rooms in each dorm, 4 girls, a living room, bathroom and kitchen! So the downfall is buying all the things for these rooms, but i guess we can stick to the positives now.
My Side! this was before i put stuff on the wall under the bed but you get the jist. Thought I'd try to spruce up the cinder block... Dad helped me move in Monday morning, and felt weird when he left but hey, It's college!
My roommates and I have had a rough time trying to figure out how to decorate out living room, it can get kinda pricey... but I ran to walmart today (many many MANY thanks to monica and her roomates!) and got a couple starting things to make it look more homey and not so homely.
Tada! and you see the mini Christos in the corner? yeah, awesome. He's chillin with the bowl of candy on the desk for our house guests. :) Today was also the first day of classes and thus far, success! Now we'll see what happens with the 7 am class tomorrow...not quite like today where i started at 11:30..(which is a beautiful thing by the way)
So over all, I like Barnes Hall, and i like the campus and I'm liking classes. crossing my fingers it stays this way!