January 26, 2013

Uprising: Paint Fight

I haven't had much to post about since winter semester started buutt this weekend we went to a paint party! Into to the color festival this year for me, it was fun. We got some clothes we didn't worry about ruining and danced for 4 hours. Through this I have learned something about myself. I'm an old lady. That's right folks..OLD LADY. I got so tired and after some of the paint, I was good to go. Although, I'm really glad we went! Lots of pictures...beware. Also here are the before and afters!

we lost some people along the way.....as in they went to McDonald's before we did...

Also, if you were wondering why we have so many balloons around the house...it was my roommie claire's 20th birthday this past week! It was my other roommie taylor's birthday on the 25th but she wasnt here :( 
I stayed up late and blew up FAR too many balloons..I put them all in the bathroom so claire could see them when she woke up....then claire put them in the shower and scared the bejeebers out of me.  Ah claire....thank you.