December 27, 2012

Fall Semester Video: Recap

So this semester I decided to take a bunch of videos and try to put them together. I'm missing a lot of stuff but it's already pretty long so i decided to just go with it. I think I might do this more often now though- I do quite enjoy it:) 
I suggest watching it in the HD quality, makes it easier to see.. its the little cog looking thing at the bottom of the video;) 

So this was an interesting semester because I took night classes since I was off track and it was my first time to be in rexburg in the fall. Lots of fun things to do:) 
Most of the things in this video are on previous blog posts if anyone is curious..
I got to know and love my roommates so much- they are the coolest girls, and we started our own big deal. I saw my boy everyday even if it was only for a couple minutes. Straw maze, gym nights, my money management class with my Bestie Stephanie , Roommate sleepovers, Kiwi Loco and Sushi dates, Nails with Mikyla, Halloween hall decorating, almost dying in the snow on the way to Idaho Fallls, not making it to idaho falls.. falling in love with our new apartment complex, Family time on our computers chatting online but not talking to eachother, flour fights with our FHE group, Roommate christmas cards, Kuzco, Visiting provo and seeing plano friends, lindsay and my bestie  Kenzie, Voting for the very first time(!!), going to Utah to have thanksgiving with chases family, setting up of christmas decorations, getting free pizza, Watching bryndee dance like a boss, learning that cassie can't frown, My bestfriend baby dog passing away, making treats and making dinners, watching Nicole's waterpolo games, the first time my 2 bestfriends and I all have boyfriends at the same time, and lots of tears and laughter. So grateful for this semester: the good times and the bad. 

December 26, 2012

Pictures I never got around to posting....

Basically what the title says.. Shout out to Sister Rosendale for letting my use her nice DSLR camera to to take these pictures and some fabulous news, I just got my very own DLSR this Christmas! :) Prepare for better pictures in upcoming posts. 
This was the first time I met chase's sister Mckae! She's super sweet and GORGEOUS, both of his sisters are. This is always a good sign people. 
Happy Old picture post y'all! 

December 09, 2012

Merry Christmas! Love, #210

Christmas time is here! We love it...can you tell? 
If you'd like a christmas card please shoot me a message on facebook:)
Merry Christmas All!

December 08, 2012

Apartment 210, Disaster Zone: Christmas Edition

My roommates and I had a great idea. Two words. GIANT.SLEEPOVER. 
You heard me right.....a GIANT SLEEPOVER. IN THE LIVING ROOM. So cool right? 
You know what you need for a giant sleepover? Giant dance parties...And christmas things. It's all so good.
So we made a journey to get ourselves a little tree and I put lights up around the ceiling (it was dangerous. I'm like a stunt man now)
Took some Christmas Pics. Totally normal. 
Also Taylor introduced us to clip in hair extensions. We had a little too much fun. I have some now and I'm never going back. 
And in the end we were all exhausted and our apartment looked like this in the morning.. 
It was even worse than it looks me. Totally worth it. 
Also Heres a video...enjoy:

Fix a tire and Celebrate a Win

So does anyone remember when we had that awesome Halloween hallway? And we entered a competition with the rest of the 59 apartments in the willows? WELL WE WON. Oh yes, It's true. Thats how cool we are. Guess what we did with our prize money....Don't think too hard I'm going to tell you...We had a roommate date to olive garden! Exciting right? We thought so. So we planned it all out and stuffed ourselves in Taylor's car only to find out that her tire was flat. Lovely. (a shoutout to the guy in the Hinkley parking lot who pointed to our tire and said it was flat). So a bunch of crazy girls managed to borrow a tire pressure gauge and fill all the tires. Learning something new everyday...
(Where is Taylor looking? We never know.....)
I think we ate faster than a starving legume. Most of what I say doesn't make sense, But we did eat rather quickly. So good though. Totally worth being the best apartment (not biased in any way...obviously). 
Love my roommates- We have so much fun together. Apt #210: Life winners 

December 06, 2012

Thanksgiving with the Joyners

So this thanksgiving I wasn't able to travel home to be with my family (wisconsins a ways away to fly for just a couple of days- but luckily the Joyners were sweet enough to let me tag along with them. They all met up in Utah this break so it wasn't too far for Me, Chase, Logan and Cy to travel down there (thank goodness too because I'm not a huge car trip person. I think my parents moving us via car trips ruined that for me) Their family is the absolute sweetest, I felt so welcomed, it was great. I didn't take as many pictures as usual, so I apologize in advance. Partly, I didn't want to creep people out by taking pictures of them the whole time...makes people feel weird...or something..
so heres the lowdown on thanksgiving- have a divine dinner, the guys played basketball afterwards and I got to talk to Jaki, Chase's super amazing mom, till our fingers were going to come off from the frigged Utah air. 
The super cute shaunessy and chase with their cousin in the back, Photobombing at its finest. 
We want to Salt Lake that night and saw the Christmas lights. So Pretty. Loving Salt Lake more and more every time I go by. I love the Salt Lake temple- people think it's overrated but something that took that long and is that beautiful cannot be overrated. 
Annnnnnnnd I ran into the Joys! Crazy small world huh? The Joys were my parents best friends before I was born and helped me get up to school..and took care of me as a baby. Basically they do a lot of stuff, and they're the sweetest people. 
Afterwards, we went to the city creek mall across the street. Amazing, I love it. How can you not love anthropologie and a two story forever 21? that's right...You can't.  Mckae has impeccable taste in music and style...she likes anthropologie. Need I say more?
Chase had Red Lobster for the first time. I'm glad I could show him to ways of delicious food of the sea. I adore Red Lobster. You think I'd get sick of it by now, but tis not the case people. Plus it was now combining my two favorite things- Food and Chase. Does life get better than this? 
We also went to boondocks. What is boondocks you ask? I asked that as well- according to the sign it's a fun zone...and that is was my friends. Laser tag? Thats my JAM. I suck at it but that does not stop me from feeling like jack bauer and james bonds baby. Super stealthy mode suckas. We all look hardcore, but all the people in the photo below whopped me. Logan is some sort of laser tag master in disguise. 
You know what else is my jam? SKEEBALL. ohhhh yes. Chase doesn't enjoy when I cream him but what can i say? Pictures or it didn't happen. 
Sorry honey, It is what it is. 
And I didn't do go carts but I can tell you it was hilarious watching them speed around the track. 

Basically this- thanksgiving was great. Super fun, super delicious and the Joyners are an amazing family. I can't thank them enough for having me. Hope my family in the future is that great.