February 22, 2012

Cougar Land!

Warning: this post contains many many MANY pictures. Alright, continue now... 
Guess who went to Provo, UT for the first time this past weekend? That's right, this kid. It was pretty great too! I went to see my bestie Mckenzie and got to meet some wonderful new people, see amazing old hometown friends and explore the ever thrilling cougar land.

So all those exciting pictures occurred on the first two days and included-Lindsay and Kenzie showing me around campus, California pizza kitchen date, Laundry adventures at 3 am (which kiddos, if you've never rolled yourself around in a dryer i would suggest it. very fun.) and some university mall shopping. Also many dance parties with Lindsay S.+ Lindsay N. + Kenz and watching The Vow. ( Holy Moly, what a great movie) Many exciting things-obvinoms.
Here you will find Monday with some beautiful Plano, TX girls-Heather and Kayla! Can you tell they're roommates? Also, I love their guts. It was wonderful to see hometown friends again- I miss Texas and it's people. These ladies were lovely enough to introduce us to the Cannon Center. If i lived here I would be 50 pounds heavier already. not a hyperbole. Well also made a fool of ourselves with accent videos ( just like old times) and smanging dance parties. Thank heavens for people like these girlies. 

So here's the jist of it y'all. This weekend was wonderful, cold, sleep deprived, lots of laughing, meeting new people and realizing how much I love my best friend and how grateful I am that our colleges are not that far apart. I'm so grateful for the gospel and that god moved me to meet this crazy goober, because he knew that I would need someone to make stupid jokes with, to cry with, to talk about classes, and boys and how scared we are to get married someday. He knew I would think I'd never be friends with this kangaroo and 5 years later here I am taking a trip to provo to see said kangaroo. 
Love you till we're old and wrinkly Demi- can't wait for our next visit!

February 19, 2012

The day of looooove

Ah valentines day has come and gone children- another year overrr. Let me tell you the valentines section at Walmart if like freakin black Friday in Rexburg. It's crazy. I had a wonderful day with the bestie aside from all the homework.. And i did a little something for my roomies because I love them so :)
Spencer did some serious cuteness for his woman Claire. I know people hate on this being singles awareness day" and all, but I think it can be a day to realized and appreciate all the people you love in your life. Plus it was my parents 20 year anniversary! And I got to go to dinner later that week which was dandy-getting out of Rexburg is nice sometimes. Till next year kiddos!

February 13, 2012

I hope they call me on a Mission

So guess what one of the coolest things is? Getting letters from your friends on missions. seriously- getting some snail mail will totally brighten your day. If you haven't tried it recently you should try it kids. Lately a lot of my friends have been leaving for their missions, which feels so weird. We are officially old. I have to tell you though, I'm really proud to have such faithful friends. That a 19 year old guy or 21 year old girl would give up about 2 years of their lives to serve the lord, amazes me. I am grateful for their love of our savior even when times are hard. The shirt in the left of the picture my roommate Claire found, and  the letters on the right are from Guatemala and Italy!  Can't wait to see my buds in a couple years. Godspeed. 
Top to bottom left to right: Matt Willardson, Taylor Baker
Kent Bateman-Daniel Peterson  -Dylan Richmond -Jorge Cuellar 
Click it! 

Want to know more about the greatness that is missionary work?
Click it kids.. I know you want to

February 06, 2012

Sexy and I know it

So I love my roommate Claire, my neighbor Kaity and my bestfriend Stephanie.
They get me.
We have dance parties in our kitchen when I feel like avoiding homework for a bit.
We are embarrassing, and I love it. So much. God must have put us together for a reason. 
Have a sexy day everyone.