March 25, 2012

Workin for the Weekend

Ah one of the last weekends in my first semester at BYU-Idaho. Trying to use every second doing something. Workin on it! Can I just throw out there how cool candy stores are? Even if you don't love candy ( which would be weird) theres just so many cool things in there! I quite enjoyed it if I do say so myself.
I also got to see "Woman in Black" with some snazzy ladies. Between the screaming during the movie, kaity wanting to hold my hand every 5 seconds, and jumping during every part of the movie- I'm going to say definitely worth it.Kathyrn and I are really attractive.No big.
This was also my last weekend to be in the 26th ward, to be relief society secretary, and to walk to the Hinkley to church with my amazing roommates. I am extremely blessed. God must be good because I know I can't have done something to deserve such wonderfulness in life- but I'll definitely take it.

Bird In the Benson

So there's not much to say here except I love animals, and would definitely not be opposed to owning a parrot. Not opposed in the slightest. Pictures are fun as well. Well thats pretty much it for this post. 
Enjoy some randomness kiddos.

March 22, 2012

Mission Call Day!

So this Thursday was lovely.For one, it was a glorious temperature outside.
Secondly mission calls finally came!
Conner here got his call to Santa Cruz, Bolivia! Crazy huh? 
Someone is about to learn some spanish

Jay also go his call today! He's going toooooo- Samara, Russia! Holy coldness..

So proud of these boys, and so excited! So amazed that young men of this faith will give up two years of their lives to serve the lord. To learn more about a mission, click HERE. You know you want to y'all.

My Rasty Brother

So guess who came to visit the land of Rexy the other day? You guessed it- mah bro Kohl Rastypants. Man, I misssed that kid (and his snarkiness) It was lovely catching up with the Rast family- wonderful people from the wonderful state of Texas. Got to see Monica again as well! I love Plano people.
Went to trek with this kid, talks about ruthie and our difficulties with it, rides in his red truck. Love my little bro! I can't wait till you go to BYU-Idaho!

March 14, 2012

Random Recap

So I just wanted to throw some random recaps in for the heck of it. Am i procrastinating doing work? psshhhhh.....possibly...  Not the point. Below is a lovely video of Mr.DJ Lim playing wonderwall. ( the good ol wonderwall from the 90's. Ah how I love the 90's) Take a listen. 
So aside from that, laundry is always dandy with the lovebirds, and an occasional shaving cream fight at FHE isn't too shabby either.

Oh and bowling! and missing my chieffee kambiz, I'm glad we talk more again. I should probably get ready for my next class now..

March 10, 2012

Best Roomies Ever

So you know when you just have those weeks that kick your sorry trash around? That was my week. It pretty much bit the big one and luckily god sends beautiful lovely women to save me. The middle of the week was the WORST. I came back from my last class on wednesday to see sticky notes on my door...and then all over my house. Im talkin all over the place, kitchen, bathroom, my bed, everywhere. They all had things my roommates love about me on them. Holy mother of moses, I LOVE these women. I'm so grateful for people like this. It makes life bearable, The little things really aren't so little to me.  

Excuse the fact that our house was a tad messy...
On another note- I love getting letters. SO much. I got one from Elder Bateman this week for my birthday with poprocks and also from Elder Peterson, Who sent me some pictures and such. Man, missin these kiddos. 

March 08, 2012

19th Birthday!

Well guess who has been super late on updating ze blog? This kid...and this kid is now OFFICIALLY 19. Scary, yes? Well my wonderful roommates surprised me when i came home on Saturday night. I opened the door and they were all sitting in the dark with with house decorated, with delicious food on the table and gifts. I freaking love them so much. Also go to celebrate the day of oldness with my birthday twin, Jefferson. Holla for oldness! 
Had a cake fight, my lovely kaity kitty made us dinner, I got to see my friend Monica from home and talk about how much we miss Texas:) I got a package from my family and a wonderful card from my little sister. Officially an old beanbag....20 next year? holy scary. another year down! :)