July 21, 2013

Stephanie + Trevor: Engaged!

I had the honor of taking engagement photos for my best friend Stephanie! I told her she would get married first so she owes me cookies ;) 
It was so much fun to be able to take their pictures and get to know Trevor a little better. I can't believe one of my bestfriends for over 6 years is getting married next month!! The rest of the pictures will be on Facebook:)

July 20, 2013

Santa Monica Pier: California Day 4

Our last day in California, so sad. I didn't want to leave but I'm glad we still had fun. We attempted to go to the beach that morning. Attempted being the key word people... because we didn't 
A- leave at 7 in the morning
B- go to something other than huntington beach 
C- go on a weekend that wasn't 4th of july 
We made those mistakes. We left after noon, it was packed and it was fourth of july weekend. MADNESS people, MADNESS. We sat in line for at least a half and hour and had to leave due to lack of parking. So all in all we drove around the area for 3 to 4 hours before we got home. 
Don't make these mistakes.
We did get to have Sushi with charles though! I'm not a huge sushi fan but Chase is, so we go. I tried sea urchin... NASTY. sorry charles.
Then, santa monica pier! I have always wanted to go there. It was a little cloudy but at least it was warm :) 
Blurry....Wish it wasn't 
We walked along the beach..people really build that whole concept up just so you know. "long walks on the beach" really means "I like to work out my calves". Sneaky beach dwellers, exercising all the time. 
The water was a little chilly 
So one of the main reasons we went to Santa Monica was for me to ride my first ferris wheel andddd cotton candy! I told you guys I love cotton candy. SO.MUCH. and I got the blue kind...aka THE BEST KIND.
So then we waited in line and I was freakin out a little bit. Like a tiny little butterfly having a rave in my stomach. 
And then we got on...HOLY MOLY ANCHOVY. So High up there. It wasn't so bad if I didn't look out too much..plus it was pretty. Don't look back into the dark ocean though...it looks like the end of the world. NOT PRETTY.
So cool- I did so many new things this trip and I was glad chase was there to help me freak out a lot less, and be patient with my lack of being exciting. The whole trip was one of the best weeks of my life. :) 

Huntington Gardens:California Day 3

Yes yes, it is true. This is the day I got ENGAGED! But, I apologize in advance that I will not be posting the proposal story on this post. I'm waiting for the pictures, and then you will get ALLL the details :) But I will tell you the joys of the day! Chase and I went to the Huntington Library and Gardens. I was so excited because if y'all know me you know I LOVE flowers. They are my favorite thing in the whole world. It was so fun walking around the gardens, I want to go back again because the place is so massive that we didn't get to see the half of it. 
 This was in the Japanese Gardens! So beautiful. This is where chase was GOING to propose butttt I was messing with my camera not paying attention and the bridge was closed. 
This was the bridge that chase was going to propose on IF I wasn't a pain, the bridge wasn't closed, and  there wasn't a random old guy standing next to us. Gorgeous, but the rose gardens are far more special to me :) 
Look at all these Koi fish! so cool. I touched this one....IT.WAS.AWESOME. Fish have hard faces..just so you know. Chase is the koi whisperer.
I love that he loves animals too...because if he didn't I would not have said yes that day;) And this......
Is where he did propose! I have always wanted to be proposed to in a room full of flowers- the only thing that changed was the lack of the 4 walls. It was beautiful and amazing and chase had Krista as our secret photographer. I can't wait to get the pictures back this weekend! Other than the fact that I was sweaty and lookin a hot mess....well I wish a hot mess..more like a dumpy mess- but I got engaged so who cares!
My ring. I was so obsessed staring at it that day. Actually, I must confess I STILL look at it all the time everyday. 
And the rest of the day was so wonderful. We got to spend the whole day together and enjoy being newly engaged. We had dinner at the cheesecake factory. Sat outside and it was warm and lovely 
And on the way to the the movie theater there were fireworks. PERFECT.
We saw Despicable Me 2 which was freakishly hilarious and then left the theater super tired, sluggish and freakishly happy. Could not have asked for a better day with my fiancĂ©! 
PS check back here I will post a link to the proposal story with pictures! :) 

July 18, 2013

Josh Groban Hollywood Bowl 4th of July: California Day 2

Several months back for my birthday chase surprised me with with tickets to go to the hollywood bowl on fourth of July and see Josh Groban live! He is smart because things I love include
-The summer
-Josh Groban
All of those things were included. It was amazing. We beat traffic by leaving early but then had time to blow so we visited Hollywood Blvd. 
Chase told me it was a little over rated. It's true. It's a lot of people selling things. The best thing BY FAR was the 2 jack sparrow impersonators side by side, one of them talking to darth vader. YES.
Passed them like 4 times just cause I enjoyed it so much. One guy was Johnny Depp. Even did the little finger wave. So fancy. 
Headed back to the Bowl with a massive group of people. Took pictures of the two of us with all of them around. NO SHAME. 
Here's the sad part. No big cameras allowed so we had to check it in :( 
This is us being sad about that.
So we used Iphones. You can't just not take pictures...double negative? 
The concert was AMAZING. When Josh Groban came out I almost PEED MY PANTS.
You think I'm kidding. I squealed like a baby pig in boots.
He played my favorite song-Vincent. I almost died. 
AND sand "smile" just for kicks. OH.MY.GOSH. favorite songs out the wazoo. 
The fireworks were amazing. Whole day= Magnificent. 
The only thing was I thought that's when chase would propose but he did that on purpose....that bass.
Leaving was chaos. Look at these people. It was all apocalyptic and shtuff. 
AMAZING fourth of July I'll never forget.

Disneyland! California Day 1

I'm finally posting about our california trip! Yes, it's true! It was a 14 some hour trip. SO LONG. Now I can say I have been in Arizona, Nevada and California too! So I suppose thats worth it. 
So let's skip past the tired to our first day : Disneyland! As you may or may not know I have never been to a disney park...and chase worked at both Disneyland and Disney world. He's a Disney nerd....shhh ;) 
I finally got to meet Chase's friend Cassie! She's one of the coolest people I've met ( I'm not making this up people) and she was super funny. I was so quiet because I knew anything I would say would be lame in comparison. Anyways, she currently works at Disney and got us all the cool things. She went on some of the rides with us and explained the back story of the rides. Personal tour guide? SO COOL. 
I was a little skeptical about Disney because they have a little too much power and it kinda freaks me out- but all in all I had fun :) We rode several rides and here are my thoughts 
-Pirates of The Caribbean : Fun, dark drops freak my out a bit... amazing jack sparrow  
    replicas. it's true.
-Haunted Mansion: I like! Slow moving, lots to look at. That's my jam
-Winnie the Pooh : THAT SHIZ IS TRIPPY. and apparently since I'm 4 I thought it was 
    awesome.How can you not like a "bee-hicle?"
-Indiana Jones: I think we waited longest for this ride and even then it wasn't long since  
    Cassie had fast passes. I was so nervous for that ride since I suck at fun things but holy 
    hannah montana. THAT.RIDE.IS.AWESOME. Aside from the bolder I was convinced  
    would kill me. 
-Space Mountain: My first roller-coaster. EVER. Now I can say...I hate them. Horrible. I 
    thought I was going to pass out the whole time and I was hanging on for dear life. The  
    picture they take at the end is humiliating....so chase took a picture of it with his
-Soarin' over California: Sweet business. I get dizzy easily (all the time not just on rides) 
     but it was still awesome. Going over the oranges and smelling them was the best
- The little Mermaid: there was no line for this one. There is a reason. Not bad. Not  
     great. Chase thought it was boring. It's like the haunted mansion but more mellow. I'm 
     good with mellow 
-It's a Small World: Chase was DREADING this ride but I felt like you can't go to Disney 
     and never have ridden small world. It was cute...definitely a one time ride. Buuutttt 
     just like pirates Cassie got us our own boat so that was legit
This was my attempt at taking a picture of Indiana Jones
The picture is deceiving of his true feelings about small world
Almost pooped my pants hearing the coaster on the other side of the wall..
One of Chase's favorite rides..as you can tell
A lot of walking..I enjoyed it though :) We had dinner at Cafe' Orleans so chase could introduce me to a monte cristo sandwhich. Oh my yum. Nuff said. 
We didn't stand in line for the new cars ride...but I have heard it's great. Plus the new Cars land is magical. MAGICAL people. I don't throw that lightly but it was just like the movie. Fillmore is my moms maiden name, hence me being too excited to be pointing to just any old sign. 
Trident's Carousel. Y'all. I love carousels. Slow enough to enjoy but still moving, plus look at that fish. YES. Luckily, chase loves me because he stood in line with me amongst many small children, and we were the only "adults". Awkward....and SO WORTH IT. 
This picture is so great. Why does Chase look just like this fish. I seriously laughed forever at this- the magic of carousels my friends. 
Got to see world of Color ANNDD fantasmic. Pretty cool:) 
Theres a fire part in world of color...look at this poor baby. SO CUTE. 
And my pictures from fantasmic were dumpy to say the least but what I did find out was chase not only worked at Pirates but was crowd control for Fantasmic at times as well. He even knows the little mickey dance... Disney Nerd ;) I Kid. But he does do an Impressive mickey mouse line from the show. I was amahhzeddd. 
Had my first Dole whip that night. I was so so on the whip to be honest with you. I know. I suck at fun things. But on another note, look at all these people. I bet most of them like the dole whip...
Look at these niffty buttons I was given! Worn with pride of course. 
Back to parking...with more people.People everywhere. 
So all in all my day was "magical" and I couldn't have asked for a better person to take me
As J.B would say