October 24, 2014

Autumn Eyes

Well, this is officially my first makeup post! I've been going back and forth about doing them at all since I feel like I'm not quite experienced enough: but I've had family and friends as me more and more lately for random tips or things I love. I thought why not then? I like learning random tips and tricks from people and most importantly: products they run into that they love. 

I thought I would do one look so far, and maybe a favorites post: regarding products, brushes and such. Kinda depends on if people want to read this. I had thought about doing some youtube videos but I'm on the fence. I just know I like watching videos better. 

Below are the shadows I used for this. I did use 9- I don't think you really need that many but I was just messing around with makeup when I did this so I ended up piling them on! 
1. Peach smoothie     2. Crème Brulee     3. 11   
4. Latte      5. Swiss Chocolate     6. Mocha
7. 47    8. Glamorous     9. 54

You might be like "what kind of mess is this that some of them have cute names and some of them have numbers?" well, this is a mix of makeup geek, morphe, and mac eyeshadows. And although I love morphe shadows- I hate that they have numbers instead of names. I've considered naming them for myself... 

I'm going to use a few brushes for this look- only because I know not everybody has a bajillion brushes sitting around and if you invest in a few good ones I think you can get farther than you might think.

Peach smoothie and Crème Brûlée (1 & 2) will be applied in a windshield wiper motion and then blended even more with small circles. I do this with a large fluffy brush ( brush #3  below). this is just a transition shade. Then I went in with the same brush and applied some of 11 (3). It almost comes out more brown than red when blended but I love that little hint of cranberry! 

Latte and swiss chocolate (4 & 5) will be applied with a smaller blending brush ( brush #2 below ) in a V shape on the outer corner of your eye. Start with minimal color then build up, and blend blend blend! I will sometimes blend with the large brush after applying darker colors if I've got weird lines going on. Mocha (6) can be applied with the smaller blending brush and again worked into a v-shape in your crease. 

Just because I was feel in funky and fall I used 47 (7) as a lid color and applied with a flat shader brush. Sadly, I forgot to take a picture but if you have the naked palette that brush will do the trick. I then packed number  glamorous (8) on with that same shader brush to give it a gold finish. 54 (9) was for the inner corner of my eye and the highlight under my brow arch. 

Then before I apply mascara and lashes I use a pencil brush (#1 below) under my waterline area, and blend into that lower lash line. I used latte and swiss chocolate (4 & 5)

WHEW! this would be easier in video form for sure...
these brushes are some of all ALL TIME FAVORITES. Blending brushes are my jam- if you're gonna invest in some brushes- I would choose blending brushes. I'll talk about them in detail in my favorites post. But if you're looking for them here are the brushes or something like them (for number 3)
Now brows! I'm not going to go into detail in this post about how I do my brows (but if you're interested, I could?) Basically, I use and angle brush and dip brow (aka my baby love). I don't know what I did without dip brow- but I can tell you my brow game was much weaker...
I use chocolate and recently use a little soft brown as well. Shoutout to ABH for finally making soft brown into a dip brow shade- and shoutout to my mom for buying me a new dip brow. Have I said dip brow enough yet?
I only included the brow wiz in this post because of the spoolie. It's like a little twisty brush that looks like THIS, and the brow wiz has one attached. I don't know what I did before spoolies either- they are AMAZING. I'll say this- whether you make your brows crazy strong, just add a little powder or go all natural: BRUSH YO BROWS. So important in my opinion. 
Gimme brow is newer for me and I LURV it. I use it when I'm too lazy to fully fill in my brows, or to thicken them up over my regular routine. And it has the cutest little brush....cause obviously cute is important. 

For lips I ued NYX. I love me some nyx- awesome price point. So of course I horde their lip products. It doesn't look so dark in the picture based on the lighting I used but it was darker in person. 
The soft matte lip creme is awesome. It smells like cupcakes (to me) and very soft. Not as drying as most mattes ( but to be fair, Im not picky about dryness. I love mattes more than anything it seems like). This is one of the darker shades in Copenhagen. I do recommend either a lip liner before this guy, or using a lip brush OR a very steady hand. Getting dark lipstick all over yo face isn't cute. 
I then coated it with a butter gloss. Let's stop for a second and talk about how much I love their butter gloss. OH MY GOSH SO MUCH. I have been buying lipgloss since I was like 5 (not a joke, my parents made me this way) and I can say that with as many as I have bought- the butter gloss is my favorite gloss. I know. It is shocking. But it's awesome and noms and only 5 bucks. And yes- you can find this stuff at target. Again- awesome.

I'd love to hear what you think, and if you have any fall things you love, or any questions. I'm not one of those people who get's creeped out by a stranger commenting on blog things (unless it's a creepy post of course...) so comment away whether we are friends,or you just happened upon this post! Seriously though. Let's chat about makeup because I love it. 
PS. sorry for these pics being so "shmoo". I have one place in my house with decent lighting, and a broken DSLR. Needless to say- I did what I could haha. maybe one day I will acquire a makeup light and a better lens.

Things I didn't mention this time: 
face: loreal true match w4
rimmell stay matte 
blush: milani baked blush
highlight: mac soft and gentle
bronzer: toofaced chocolate soleil
lashes: red cherry 217

October 15, 2014

Fall Cleaning

So I thought I'd clean up my blog a bit. I gave it a new, more personalized name and it's far from perfect. One day I'll either learn HTML so I can make my blog look the way I want, or I'll be able to afford a template that I actually like. We will see what comes first I suppose. 

But I have decided to start doing some makeup posts, some mood boards, and everything in between. I'm no expert on these things but I like to follow blogs that post pretty things- so perhaps I should post more pretty things. 

Also, I will probably not proofread these posts (cause I'm lazzyyy) so you will find lots of mistakes. Sorry bout that life. More posts to come! And I should post more often now. ( say that every time though. don't listen to me, I'm a liar)
OH! and I finally decided I have to get over myself and use bloglovin...it's a slow transition. I'm working on it. Am I the only one who misses good ol regular blogger?

(pic above is of tiny broken shells on the shore of Lake Michigan pretty cool, eh? ehhhh? perks of visiting Wisconsin I guess)