May 22, 2017

Baby Wiser Gender Reveal

I can't tell you how excited I was during Chase and Sierra's baby gender reveal! 
Back story : I met Sierra and Chase when they moved into our ward in Dallas. We quickly became friends and my heart broke a little when they moved back to Denton (COME BACK). But my heart restored a little when I saw their faces after learning their baby on the way is A BOY! 
Sometimes it's really nice to just come as a guest and enjoy snapping a few pictures. This was one of those times. I'm so glad I was able to be there on this special day! 
Teams were chosen at the beginning and I was proudly #teamgirl. ( But I really was so sure it was going to be a girl...) Obviously I am a really bad guesser. 

 Sierra did " The ring trick" right before the big reveal just to see if old wive's tales really do work. Spoiler- It totally said she was having a boy! 10 Points to Lynda because she swears on the ring test. See more about said ring test HERE via some random website. 
Then to the real deal. Baby reveal. 
I love rhyming. 
I didn't expect my heart to beat so fast but it was crazy thrilling! 
Their faces were the icing on top.
 BOTH Sierra and Chase had " Team girl" buttons on. 
Apparently we are ALL very bad guessers. 

 Sierra said " I don't know why I'm crying right now!" But we all know why. She's pregnant. Chase on the other hand pretended he wasn't crying but we allll saw you chase*!   
* Eric
 These two and their dads. Heart melting.
 Team boy did a little bit of celebrating while team girl decided to quietly tuck their pins away and replace their pink pins with blue ones... before anyone noticed ;) 
Dallas 6 OG represent.
 Sierra's mom was the only one who knew the gender beforehand! 
Here's the paper that made it officially official. 
The new dad to be (who switched pins if you didn't notice..)
And a couple of dad's who are soon to be grandfathers! 
It seems like everyone wore blue or at least a little blue....and yet none of us noticed.  
Word went around that Grandma said she knew it would be a boy all along. #Teamboy
 The happy parent's to be!
 Holding Sierra's belly has become our new tradition. I think we will keep it. 
 I have mad love for these girls and am so happy for that sweet momma to be, in the middle! She has a very cute fur baby already and soon she will be a mother to TWO boys! But one of those boys will be a lot less furry than the other ;) 

May 01, 2017

Kenzie & Jason's Wedding

 A big thanks to Joseph and Maria Burnham for letting me tag along and take some pictures over their shoulders for memory purposes. They are fantastic!