May 27, 2013

The Knoblauch Wedding!

So this past memorial day weekend was Crystal and Brent's wedding! Crystal and Chase met at the Disney program last winter! She is seriously the cutest little thing EVER. (She was even Minnie at Disney is what I hear!) and she was a STUNNING bride.Plus, she's from Texas which we all know produces the best people..maybe I'm biased. I absolutely love the Salt Lake temple and they are just too cute together. Here are a couple pics from the temple:
( That's actually my Texas ring and it's a 4.5...but still huge on crystals middle finger!) 
 The Disney Employee Point...because as we all know, pointing with one finger is rude..
My favorite person
And on to the Reception! My camera decided to crap out right before it started so I don't have many pictures but their reception was at The Castle in Lindon and it was perfect for the beautiful and warm day outside. Super laid back and fun- I danced like a weirdo and had tons of fun.
So basically it was super fun, their wedding was adorable and congrats to them on a wonderful start to their eternity! Congrats Crystal and Brent Knoblauch!