March 11, 2016

I didn't know Keira Knightley is British & other confessions

Hi. Do you guys remember this series where I confess lots of weird things to you? Yeah. It's back. Because I am chock full of this stuff and it needs to come out. Here we go!
1.  I'm having a really hard time lately figuring out if I like Cane's or Chick Fil A better.
2. Does anyone even like Kayne West anymore? or are we all just pretending if we don't talk about him he will go away....? Oh yeah, confession. Well I suppose the confession here is I don't like Kanye West. If I put it lightly. Sorry Yezzy.

3. I'm dying to see Zootopia. When it comes to movies, I'm basically an 8 year old child.
4. Wait, an exception to that confession is that I've fallen in love with the movie "Atonement".
5. Speaking of Atonement, you know, the one with Keira Knightley... am I the only one who did NOT know she is British?! Here we are, sitting at home chatting about her and I think to myself " I have never seen her in a movie where she doesn't have an accent". YEAH THAT'S BECAUSE IT'S A REAL ACCENT. My whole life is a lie.

6. And she is my WCW, errr I guess Woman Crush Every day would be more accurate.
7. Blogging is super hard because I hate re sizing images AND because I made my own blog layout which is as basic as it gets, it's sometimes difficult to get things to fit like I want them to and that drives me bonkers.
8. Am I the only human who still says bonkers...?
9. I can't wait till it stops raining and it's warm enough to go bask in the sun. I'm really hoping to go from wonder bread sandwich to a nice shade of toasted marshmallow real quick.
But maybe not as toasty as last year.....maybe.
10. I don't know where I found the picture below, but I keep it readily available on my computer.

That's all! (for now....)