October 13, 2013

Engagement Pictures Galore

So we got our engagement pictures back! Im beyond excited. I think I've looked at them 80 times now. Lauren did such a great job! Prepare for LOTS of pictures..
Amazing makeup done by Jade of Kissable Complexions!
Sooo while you're here let's explain some of the upcoming pictures. I had an idea that I wanted to take pictures of us making something that fit the theme of our wedding and could be used as a decoration as well. So the gold glitter is a large part. The explanation of the gold glitter can be found HERE. So we made a glitter ampersand together to be used in the wedding, and our future home and for the sheer fun of a glitter war. 
For more information or pictures visit our wedding website! : www.joynerwedding.com

October 06, 2013

Callie: Plano Wildcat Senior

Just wanted to post a little something as quality on Facebook...well....bites. A lot. But don't wanna post too many so Callie can see her pictures this week! Yay! And some of these are definitely some of the more "played with" pictures sowe don't give too much away ;) 
Aside from being a great serious model for me( for real, this is a good and rare thing!) She had a couple outfit changes including her music corp. outfit! I thought that was great but hey, maybe thats because:Once a wildcat, always a wildcat! P-L-A-N-O!!!