September 06, 2016

Shaunessy's Graduation

So now that Shaunessy has already started college I guess I should post her high school graduation pictures ;) To be fair, after my hard drive crashed I had a million and 2 things to do so these have been edited just not posted! Shaunessy's graduation was at the beginning of this summer and we had driven from Texas to Washington to see our families and her graduation! ( How was that drive you ask? Long. VERY LONG. 3 days on the way there and 2 on the way back. Chase is like  a super human driving robot.) PS how cute is this board that McKae put together?
I was really hoping to post more pictures than this....but blogstomp and I are getting to know each other and it keeps telling me I have too many pictures in one email. It's very unfortunate (but maybe fortunate for you, because you have less pictures to go through! ) We started off with a little pre-graduation party. Food, friends and family: the only things you really need! Danielle made homemade eggs rolls and they were AMAZING. I had far too many. 

So Shaunessy's graduation was a super new and fun experience for me because as many of you know I did not grow up in a small town. Small town things are always new to me and blow my mind in their various traditions and such. For starters, they walked down the football field. What?! How fun is that? No rented stadiums? Crazy! And they were allowed to decorate their caps. Yay creativity! 
We all sat on the concrete bleachers (is that what they call them? Chase isn't around for me to ask, so that's what I'm going to call them) and took some pictures afterwards. Then they have a after graduation lock in party sort of situation so we said "seee yaaaaa girl!" and walked back to the house. Walked. With our feet. And it took like 5 minutes. *BBWWSSHHHH* That was my mind being blown at the idea that you can walk home from a graduation. onomatopoeia's yo.
Grandma Chase is just as cute as can be. She doesn't always remember everyone she hugs, but she still hugs them anyways. That's a loving woman right there. 

 It's such a blast to get together with family! It makes me wish we lived closer.
Shaunessy started school this fall at Utah State and (from what I can tell) loves it so far! So excited for all her new adventures and here's to hoping we get together again soon!
More pictures will be up on Facebook soon!

September 04, 2016

Favorite Dog Toy

So I don't write reviews about dog stuff often because 
A. they don't really make that much of an impact on our lives and 
B. I don't think anyone cares (but maybe I will now? Because I love taking pictures of Winston) 
 I saw a post on Facebook from Amanda where she said she was making dog toys and it sparked my interest! Unpoppable, and soft. Two things my dog loves. You could choose from so many colors and 3 different sizes so I messaged her to ask about which would be best for Winston (he is 35-40 pounds) and he doesn't seem to like toys that are a little too big for his mouth. She gave me some advice on what her dogs like and I went with a medium. It is perfect! Details below...
I absolutely love that it's a toy that goes with our home. It doesn't look cheap or hokey like the other dogs toys we buy. It can pass for a pillow in both rooms of our house and it's the one toy I don'€™t mind if he leaves lying around. DOG MOM WIN. 
I was really worried that we could get the toy in he mail, that I would love the way it looked but he wouldn't want to play with it (this happens often. I get more excited about toys than he does???) But luckily for us he LOVES it. I mean LOOOOVESSS it. It's the only toy he's played with since we got it and he carries it around with him everywhere he goes. Chase even looked at me the other day and said "good purchase" accompanied by a high five. GUYS. I got a high five from chase for spending money. I don't even know how that happened.
I really love supporting small businesses but I love it even more if it's a great product that someone made with their own 2 hands. There is something so great about people's various talents and I love having bit's of those cool talents scattered all around my home.
So where can you get one of these fabulous toys? 
This is Amanda's Etsy shop here --> Amanda Lynn Crochet
and this is her FB business page here! --> Amanda Lynn FB
Thanks for reading friends! ( and enduring my obsession with my dog. It's normal....right?)