April 26, 2012

Cool Brothers

So Nicole, Claire and I decided to stalk our new FHE brothers (totally normal) and they are the coolest guys. Heres a strange and somewhat painful video for y'all. We enjoyed it.

April 25, 2012

Spring Semester Anyone?

The beginning of spring semester and guess who has been slacking on the blog? this kid. But I'm about to change that so don't worry y'all. I know how concerned you were... Its a new semester and I moved apartments! Still living with this chick, no worries- and have met some lovely new ladies as well. Having a splendid time getting to know them more everyday. Now below you will find many MANY pictures. and if you survive to the end there's a recap- so brace yourself.
So if you made it to the end of all this nonsense heres a slight recap. Sunday was SO BEAUTIFUL it would have been a crime to stay inside- therefore, Nicole, Claire, and I decided it would be chill to meet out FHE brothers and we drug them to the park with us. They liked it...no worries. We discovered that we have the COOLEST brothers in the world so we all made cookies later and had a little music, youtube bonding night. jazzy huh? We also had a rocking ward family home evening and decided we are the most awesome family ever. No big. Other than that- this semester has had its ups and downs to far.I miss certain people. A lot. I think i lot is still an understatement.I hope it gets easier as time goes on- but I am blessed none the less. Happy First blog of the semester! thanks for surviving this post! 
Oh and if anyone cares... New room!

April 16, 2012

Ups, Downs, and Provo Utah

 So can I tell y'all that my best friend Mckenzie is a wonderful person and let me stay with her over spring break? yes. Well it's true, and I love spending time with her weird face. With all our ups and downs, we will still be friends till we're old and wrinkly.So far I think we're succeeding with the old thing, but if my clinique works we will postpone the wrinkly as long as possible... 
 I got to spend time with her lovely family, which was the bomb. The Molines know how to have a good time, let me tell you. Annnddd Tanner is back from his mission in Australia! pretty sweet- So glad I got to see that wicked awesome family.
 Also got to see the lovely Kalya as well! I'm convinced Texas spawns the coolest people.
And basically this spring break consisted of a lot of feelings for me. Too many emotions, to many ups and downs and this chick Mckenzie put up with all of it. We have our bouts on life, boys, politics, what have you but I can always count on her. Grateful for bestfriends.

April 10, 2012

Winter Semester Wrap Up

I really can't believe my first semester of college is over. I seriously didn't realize how much I would miss it, and it's only been a couple days. Drove down to Provo this weekend and realized all the blessings I have. Things didn't happen how i expected them to at all, but honestly half is luck and half is timing i suppose- and I had a wonderful semester- bumps and all. Amongst many things here are a few I'll miss a lot:
-Living next to (or with) my bestfriend
-Having the most loving and wonderful roomies
-Dressing up for devo with steph
-Learning the new-ness of campus
-Movie nights and truck rides with Conner
-The great and annoying things of Barnes Hall
-Creeping around as Relief Society Secretary
-Cleaning Jays apartment and our crossroads runs
-Random letters from my missionaries
-Meeting wonderful neighbors (like kitty!)
-the "things people say" jokes we make as roomies
-Attempting to Skype my family with crappy connection
-Wonderful professors and afternoon classes (since I'm not a morning person and all)
-My FHE family
Annnddd here's a plethora of recent pictures-beware...or enjoy. up to you..

April 09, 2012

Fah-He: Some Mormon Culture

So this would be my FHE groups video for the end of the year. FHE is family home evening, our Monday night greatness, although apparently we're just supposed to call it Home evening now but thats lame so I call it -Fah-he for the best of both worlds. SO, this is our video- BYU-I do style. I love that mormons can make fun of their own crazy culture; this one happens to be about the creepy girls who feel the need to marry any RM they lay their creeper baby hungry eyes on. Enjoy the creepy kids.

This as close to marriage as i will be getting for the next few years...at least.

April 04, 2012

Steve You Say?

Guess what happened about 5 years ago? I met my two best friends in the whole world, and one of them is named stephanie, or steve, or stephers, you know whichever fits at the time. Point is- I love this woman like my sister. She is my sister. And we got the privilege of going to college for our first semester together and I could not be more grateful.
This lady and I have gone through more things together than I can count. Starting off in middle school as beehives, walking home from Schimelpfenig, crazy sleepovers, laundry nights, talking about our futures and all the weddings, births, moving, and deaths in our families. Scream from the mountain top happy times or break down and cry your eyes out times. Living together for the last semester of senior year of high school, or living together (maybe unintentionally) for the first semester of our college life. As we realized lately we might not have almost ANYTHING in common- but you are one of those friends you don't make because they are like you, but because they complement you. We really do bring out the best in each other sometimes, since we're both crazy and all. Can't believe after everytime that I've cried like a baby when we split, i still bawled when you left school this time too.
 I keep stopping and starting this post over because it's hard to decide through how many memories or stories or words I could put in here to tell you how much you mean to me- but over all i think yo know more than anything you will be one of my bestfriends forever. One day you'll find that man whos less than perfect (as all men are) but you'll love him so much it wont matter, and he'll be your bestfriend but heaven forbid he tries to take my spot; and you know I'll be creepin every steph of the way to make sure he's good enough for you. But until then we'll go through school together and learn whatever heavenly father has to throw at us and grow together like we always do. I love you steve! 

April 02, 2012

Conference time! 182 Edition

So we had General Conference this past weekend, and be we I mean the Mormon population of the world. It was WONDERFUL. I love conference, personally. I didn't used to so much as a kid but now that I can pay attention (or a tad more attention than i used to), and take notes, I end up loving the strength I get from these talks. Between watching it at my home with my posse and at Conner's, it seems apparent that no matter where you are there WILL be someone taking a conference nap. 
Also got to see Elder Kent Bateman sing in the MTC choir as well! So fun to try and pick him out from the crowd-and surprisingly not very hard either. 
 (I gave you guys some help with some nifty arrows as well...) If you know Elder Bateman, you can keep up with his mission blog by clicking HERE. 
Annndddddddd if you'd like to hear some of what we learned at conference this year-here's a favorite of mine. Or feel free to roam from this link to other talks. Although, who doesn't love Uchtdorf? :)