Provo Utah Girls

Guys. I suck at updating my blog this semester....I apologize for my slacky-ness. ( I just made that word and will continue to use it from now on). So here's the low down- I went back to Provo to visit my bestfriend. The end. Have a great day!
Just kidding! (I told you I'm not good at jokes). Let's get on with this...awkward. So I went to see Mckenzie and it was dandy. Chase and I were planning this trip for a while and were counting down the days when lo and behold the universe decided to say "hey jovanna, you know what would be really fun? throwing up before you go to utah". The thing is the universe was wrong, it was not any way. So i spent the whole night before we were supposed to leave with food poisoning ( to be honest with you i think it might have been the taco bell with bubbles in the meat...I love you taco bell but how could you betray me so). Chase came over and watched movies with me and brought me ginger ale and bread. He's probably the sweetest guy ever. Basically tried to suck it up and we went to utah anyways. 
Got to hangout with my bestfriend, the awesome lindsay and my gorgeous Plano, Texas girls kayla and heather. 
It was seriously great to be with friends from home again and rehash old stories. My friends got to meet ( and approve) of my boyfriend. Good news, they seem to like him. I know you were all worried...
Kayla and heather had a bonfire in their apartment. Look how creative they are. This is why I like them.
Breakfast at the awful waffle- I highly recommend it if you love delicious crepes and waffles that taste like love hope and magic in your mouth. Personally, I like the taste of love hope and magic. 
The fall in provo, one word: bicycle. Nope, not really-the word is gorgeous. The leaves are super pretty, trust me on this one. 
yeah...that bridal magazine is in the cougar eat....welcome to BYU children... 
We went to the BYU symphony and guess who we ran into....
Mikey Mike Moon! From Plano! Ward buddies are my favorite. This good man is going on a mission to California soon- he's cool. I'm so glad we ran into him!
Basically, loved seeing my friends...
And my bestfriend is still one of the coolest dolphins I know. She always makes me laugh and I'm always inspired by the person she is. Best friends forever- selina and demi.
Love you kenzie mckgoose face!