August 14, 2012

Claire Bear: Engaged!

So Claire was my very FIRST college roommate. We didn't know eachother before we roomed together by chance but now I love this girl. She also got engaged this past semester! Heres a little tid-bit of my perspective...( see story below for those that know and care. for those who just like pictures:here they are people..but just so you know the order of the pictures follows the story. So choose wisely)

 Spencer wasnt at school this past semester (he's off track. the track system is a BYU-I thing. frustrating sometimes), because of this little tid bit, this past semester hadn't been the easiest for claire with the whole missing her love thing and all. So Nicoles mom and brothers came into town and spencer decided to come along (as a suprise) and propose! The problem is claire is a little too intuative at times and she kept guessing that spencer would be tagging along with Mamma Rosendale. Claire forced me to be a liar...and apparently not a great one at that because she kept guessing it and I kept trying to lie about it. The morning of her proposal I was standing at the vanity getting ready for church and Claire told me her dream about spencer coming and proposing.... Like really woman? what are the chances.. Buuuttt as she didn't see spencer at church as she had anticipated, she became discouraged again because she thought for SURE he had come and he would suprise her. Alas...not so. Little did she know as she went up to bear her testimony about being happy for others (cause shes jsut so cool like that :)) that chase squeezed my hand and told me how excited he was for her and how ready she was to be proposed to today. She even got a new dress that day...seriously. the chances...what are they? Nicole helped with that one too, persuading claire she really needed a new dress. And we may or may not have had a roommate nail party the night before...just, you know, because our nails need to look awesome for "church and stuff". Anywho, i get sidetracked easily. Chase was a sweetheart and did a lot of work for this proposal but happened to be in the background a lot so it was harder to tell. He still did a crap load of work- I thank him for that. So after first hour of church he took the Ben's to "his ward", but realllyyy he drove around with them forever till the girls were ready and picked up Spencer (who he had never met before) and dropped them all off at the proposal location. Mamma rosendale, nicole, claire and myself decided it would be dandy to take "roommate pictures" since Nicoles mom brought an SLR camera. Perfect. We had to make sure claire would stay dressed up for the proposal as she told me the semester before to "make sure she looked cute for her proposal". Girl likes to rock her sweats and running shorts. Ironically, she also told me on proposal day that she would like me to take pictures when she got engaged. Oh, I got you covered girl. So we took some pictures up by the temple and then we went over to the bridge area of the proposal. I was so excited i felt like my heart was going to drop to my butt. There's probably a prettier way to say that....I had butterflies. Nah, doesnt do it justice. Heart to my butt it is. The point is I was freakin out like a mother. We went up to the bridge (with spencer hiding in a little cove underneath and the bens filming from the bushes). A rose was planted on the bridge with a note that said "Nelson". ( thats spencers last name, fyi for the fictional characters who do not know claire and spencer and decided to read this story anyways...) I thought it might be obvious but Claire thought maybe God was messing with her or something. That works too I guess. Nicole and I were practically screaming the cue "theres a note?" to get spencer to come out of the cove. My hands were shaking and I kept thinking "dude, NOW. IM DYING OVER HERE". She saw him and freaked out a little. She said she KNEW IT, she knew he would come. What she didn't know what that in the process of her forever long spencer hug (seriously...long LONG time people) that he was pulling a ring out of his pocket. She released her anaconda grip and he got on his knee. The rest is history. That is the story on how my first college roommate went from being a random blonde stranger who likes the dixie chicks and has the same sports bra I do, to a fellow pinterest user who knows me pretty darn well, one of my closest friends and an engaged woman. I love you Claire! oh, and you too Spencer;)