December 09, 2013

My Best Friends Wedding

That sounds like a movie title huh?! I bet it is. I never watch movies so I wouldn't know… SO one of my very best friends in the whole world got married in August! And now you're thinking " I knew you said you sucked at blogging, but really? that as like 4 months ago." It's true, I really do suck at this. It would be a lot easier if I didn't have to edit the pictures first but how could I even do that…..I couldn't. Thats the answer. 

My parents bought me a ticket to go to Dallas in August (Thank you!) and I was able to see my BFF since 8th grade married to her love. (yeah, I said BFF. Deal wit it.) It was fantastic, and fun and over 100 degrees. yayyyyy Texas in August. I was sweating bullets before 11 am. 
 ^^ These are my best friends (and Stephs hubby in the back). The cutest, huh? ^^

So I always think I have to show pictures in chronological order but then I remember, "Hey! This is my blog! I do what I want!" and then I proceeded to do what I want.
(that being said….here is one of the first pictures from the day anyways…)
^^ This is what 100 some degrees at 11:30 am looks like. It's attractive, obviously. ^^
^^ The lovely Dallas Temple! ^^
^^we actually look just like this quite often. I never know what I must have said ^^
Yay we've hit reception photos! Apparently I won't let myself go too far out of chronological order. 
^^ Trevor and Stephanie's Dad-aroos ^^
It was a super hot day, but sunny and beautiful- typical Texas ;) I can't believe my best friend got married already and I could not be more happy for her! I loved being able to go visit her and Trevor in their new apartment in Rexburg the time I was visiting. Sometimes it seems surreal.
We couldn't wait to get into Young Womens. We couldn't wait to go to stake dances. We couldn't wait to have boyfriends, to turn 16, to start driving. We'd all walk to Kroger, and we'd decorate our walls, and we'd have a triangle of trust. Stephanie and I cried on a bed together when we decided what to do for college, and how plans don't go the way you see them going but it turns out for the best anyways. 
It's been the three of us, and It will be till we're old and wrinkly. I know God placed me with these ladies for a reason, and I am always grateful. Stephanie has made my life better in so many ways and even though Trevor is her best friend now, she'll always have her girls. It's Ken+Joe+Steve forever, right? I love you Steph! 

October 13, 2013

Engagement Pictures Galore

So we got our engagement pictures back! Im beyond excited. I think I've looked at them 80 times now. Lauren did such a great job! Prepare for LOTS of pictures..
Amazing makeup done by Jade of Kissable Complexions!
Sooo while you're here let's explain some of the upcoming pictures. I had an idea that I wanted to take pictures of us making something that fit the theme of our wedding and could be used as a decoration as well. So the gold glitter is a large part. The explanation of the gold glitter can be found HERE. So we made a glitter ampersand together to be used in the wedding, and our future home and for the sheer fun of a glitter war. 
For more information or pictures visit our wedding website! :