February 25, 2013

The Beauty of Disposable Cameras

Guys...I just want to tell you something. I love pictures. In case you didn't know that already...There's something about the fuzzy quality and the mystery of what the pictures will look like that has a sweet nostalgia.
What I don't like so much is that on a normal camera that I would use (a DSLR) i typically have the flash OFF. I'm not a fan of the flash, but apparently the 90's was farther away than I remembered and I forgot you need to use a flash on a disposable camera.
 So these are some pictures that I love...
And then some that did not turn out so well...
Lesson learned....I could still use another camera. Apparently the love affair continues

February 16, 2013

The Day of Loooveeeee

Oh Valentine's Day...what a weird holiday you are. Companies love valentines day because they make a boatload of money, and honestly you should love the people you do everyday but in a less cynical view: it can be pretty cool. This year I got to be with my love-Chase annndd it was my parents twenty first anniversary! I Love them very much. Chase brought me flowers (my absolute FAVORITE thing in the whole world) and sour patch kids (because unlike most normal women in the world, I don't like chocolate that much. I know...sad. Don't cry) and an Infinity Necklace. He scours my pinterest for things I love. I love that about him, plus I love my new necklace. Much like other women I do actually enjoy jewelry..too much. 
Classes went smoothly, I got a nap in after class (that in an of itself could have made my day) and the boys made us dinner that night! 
Look at this...they dressed up AND made dinner. Wow, right? and wore aprons...not really what imagined  my dream guy wearing but turns out I enjoyed it. 
They made dinner for all the roommates, and exiled us to our rooms while they set up dinner. We ALMOST starved to death. No exaggeration. Ok, maybe a LITTLE exaggeration. 
They added more decorations to our balloon ceiling, and set up our "table". Dinner was SO good. needless to say, I think the boys should make dinner a lot more often...And cheesecake and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. YUM.
We miss Cass Cass- She's on FIAAAHHHHH
The poor group of overly stuffed individuals 
And in the end- best Valentines Day I've had thus far. I'm now becoming a lot more accepting of this holiday . Even when you don't have a "sweetheart" you have friends and family who love you, and that's more than enough to be grateful for.

February 14, 2013

Claire says "Yes to the Dress"

I have been horrible at keeping up with the blog...being on track will do that too you..but a couple weeks ago Claire and I went into Idaho Falls, to Treasure's, to look for her wedding dress. Crazy stuff huh? I felt like I should make all these comments like I hear on "say yes to the dress" but most the time I just said "that's pretty". I'm super helpful I know... But it was honestly pretty cool to see her pick a dress, and she picked THE dress! Only 4 more months till I will have to change Claire's contact name in my phone from " Claire Ross roommie" to "claire NELSON roommie"...or maybe ex roommie..but that might be too sad so I might not put the Ex in there. The following pictures are not THE dress (because Spencer her fiance' is not allowed to see the dress! shhhh!) the up close ones are little hints though;)
Excuse the fact the I felt the need to make everything black and white....the lighting was a little orange so It was buggin me. So glad I got to be there for the engagement, the dress picking and soon the Wedding!