December 25, 2016

Christmas 2016

We have added "making a Christmas video" to our list of traditions the past few years!
It's always included setting up the tree, but this time we thought we would add a little shopping in.
Merry Christmas from us to you! 

December 16, 2016

Danish Christmas Party 16

I had never had Danish food before. That is, before December, 3 of 2016. Lucky for me- Krystle and Michael are in the business of being fantastic chefs.
Michael hails from Denmark and he and Krystle prepared a Delicious feast. We dressed in our "fancy clothes", took pictures and ate our hearts out.
We also took many photos in said fancy attire. I am learning how to handle an indoor flash and am failing (gracefully? I wish) but my friends are very patient with my incompetence. #naturallightphotographerprobs #longhashtags 
Look at these gorgeous and hilarious humans. I like them. 

These lovely ladies have made my time in Dallas worthwhile. (missing lynda!!!) They are gorgeous inside and out #sappysappy 
And these men we love so much even though they have a strange sense of humor. Also, they might possibly have more of a yaya sisterhood than the ladies do.... ?? 
 Did a white elephant exchange, played lots of games and ate an amazing dessert (the name escapes me at this moment....) BUT I do know that you have to find the one almond hidden in the dessert and whoever finds it wins! The catch, there are many little almond slivers in the dessert. There was a lot of slow chewing involved. Savoring, if you will. 
These delish Danish potatoes.

Waiting for delish Danish potatoes.
 As per usual, I didn't write a whole ton, but as I mentioned before (and will probably mention a million more times) I am not a good writer and this is really a little online journal for me. I keep it public for people like me, creepers. To look at pictures of other people doing life things to kill time. Thanks for keeping my blog alive friends. 
 I love these wonderful people and I am so glad they think we are cool enough to hangout with them.

 Merry Christmas 
the #dallas6og