March 22, 2013

Engagements! Claire and Spencer's that is...

So here's a fun story for y'all.....One fine day I was sitting in the living room on my computer and my roommate claire was as well. A random thought occurred to me. I turned around and asked "hey, when are you getting your engagements done?" To which she replied "I already did". 
"the day I got engaged!"
"well I got engaged so they're engagements!"
Oh my gosh- I almost died. Pictures are just important to me. When I get married it will be top priority. So now you understand why I almost died a little bit so basically thats the story of how I ended up taking Claire and Spencer's engagements because I love pictures and they love free pictures! (who doesn't right?) 
Here are a few for fun. The rest will be on facebook! 

I've learned it's harder to take pictures when its colder outside and I have a hard time sticking to one style because editing is just way too fun. 

March 21, 2013

20th Birthday

Guess who had a birthday over a month ago and really sucks at updating? Me. It's true- I'm 20 old. Where has time gone?! I had an AMAZING birthday though and needed to take notice of  all the people who did so much for me. 
 I got a Lovely birthday package from my parents. I was so excited - I had to resist opening it all morning till I had gotten ready for the day. I got some birthday spending money too which is ALWAYS a good thing...because I love shopping:) It's still kind of weird not having a birthday with my family though
(I apologize in advance for the poor quality of the pictures.....all from the iphone) 
Chase came over, he brought me flowers (people seem to be getting the jist of how much I love flowers..) He drove me to class as well ( I really enjoy not walking to class when it's cold outside...) My dad sent me flowers too! They were SO pretty. 
Chase and I went in to Idaho Falls that night to eat and to shop. On the way there he gave me my present . The new Josh Groban CD, I was so excited. Then I opened the card and saw a piece of paper. I looked at it for a second and started screaming "WHAT?!". Was in total shock. He got us tickets to go to see Josh Groban at the Hollywood Bowl on fourth of July. I've been BEGGING him to take us to cali so we could go to the beach...and he made it even BETTER. Combining fireworks( another one of my favorite things ever) and Josh Grobans beautiful voice with the philharmonic. I think my boyfriend might know me well and might be perfect. 
After the big day I was so tired. I went home and I had a gift from Claire, Spencer, Mikyla, Trischelle, Bryndee, Taylor and Adri. A stuffed animal of my Chico dog. Let me explain: Theres an amazing site called where you send a picture of your dog in and they handmake a stuffed animal that looks JUST like them. They collected all these pictures and gave it to me with the note that my stuffed animal would be coming. Some of you know how attached I was to my dog. He was my bestfriend and he passed away last fall. I miss him more than anything. When they handed my the board I started bawling like a baby. I am so grateful- it was an amazingly thoughtful gift I will cherish forever. 
They made me cake and the rest of the night I spent eating the candy my family sent me and lounging. 
The day was amazing, I was so tired. I got texts from people I love and miss very much from plano and from my family as well. I always thought it would feel different to be 20 but I guess this is it! Time to live up my twenties!