January 28, 2012

Little birthday with a side of Apostle

So this week went by super fast, lets have a recap shall we? 
My roomies birthday was this week!
This ladies and gents is my lovely roommate Claire. She is now officially old! Just kidding, but time is flying. Jenn, Marissa and i preped for her birthday with a new scripture case, cake, cinnamon rolls and a few decorations. I love celebrating peoples birthdays! We even took down the decorations in reasonable time...
That also happened to be Devotional day and L. Tom Perry of the quorum of the 12 came! how freaking amazing is this school? There were a million and two people there ( ok, hyperbole but you catch my drift) 
And later in the week my lovely neighbor Kaity decided to make cupcakes, which are freaking delicious by the way. I enjoy her quite a bit :) 
Oh and for a little last tidbit, can i just say i really love my roommates? A lot of people have been saying they get in fights with their roommates a lot, well this doesn't happen to us because my roommates are awesome. I am blessed. :) Happy weekend all!

January 19, 2012

Wonderful World 2

So I haven't done one of these in a while! Not to say i haven't had many blessings,and I'm trying not to take things for granted, so here we go kids: 
Things I love Today:
-Sleeping in
-Chocolate milk
-Random texts from my mom
-The feeling when you understand some math
-Meeting new people
-My roomies
-Weather being above freezing
-Sweet reminders that people love you
Speaking of,  I woke up one morning and my roomie Jen had left us this note. Stuff like that makes my day :)

January 16, 2012

Best Friends are the Bomb

So this will the an awesome post kids, prepare yourselves. Stephanie and Mckenzie are my best friends in the whole world. Stephanie lives right next door (serious blessing) and Mckenzie goes to BYU in provo. There is something magical when we are all together and this weekend mckenzie came to rexburg! Holy greatness. 
She drove in Friday night and I pretty much attacked her face- we walked around campus and convinced her that BYU-I is sheer greatness. On saturday we sat around and took weird face-in-the-hole pictures until we hungout with some guys that came and knocked on my papartment door and asked us to go out that night. only BYUI amirite? But it was super fun, lots of laughing, good times good times. I had to give a talk on sunday which was scary but so glad it's over! Stephanie gave her first lesson as a teacher in relief society too. As she stood up there it really hit me how much i love these girls. We've ben friends for over 5 years and here we are sitting in college, introducing myself in the relief society presidency, stephanie teaching our class a lesson on loving others, even kenzie being here with us even though she lives in provo. True bestfriends, through good and bad. 
Stephanie has been amazing and had made us breakfast and lunch after church. So lovely!We even got to have breakfast for dinner. We also got to go see our friend Monica from plano, for her birthday! I love having all these plano kids around me, it's so comforting.  Then we vegged out and watched a total chick flick (a really stupid one at that. if you're ever tempted to watch "the perfect man"...DONT) but I loved the hanging out none the less. They decided to make a giant crib out of our couches for the ultimate sleepover as well. Must love these girls if i allowed mckenzie to sleep next to me...(she's the ultimate snuggler) 
Kenz left on Monday around 2:30, and let's just say even though we all seemed chill about it that was freakin hard. It feels so weird when on of the three of us leaves-feels incomplete. I'm so grateful that god gave me these girls. They have saved me so many times- they know me better than i know myself sometimes. I thought i would hate Plano when i moved there 5 years ago, and I thought I would never make good friends there. God likes to prove me wrong...a lot. I think he knew i would not have made it without them, and still wouldnt. A huge blessing I probably don't deserve. 
Saying goodbye is too hard. I can't wait for the next three day weekend.
Steve, Ken, Joe forever. 

January 13, 2012

Snow and bagels

So I'll give you a disclaimer- this is going to be a really boring post. it pretty much has no purpose whatsoever, i just thought I'd do an update on this week, and how schools going. Lots of homework, it's college. I have a kitchen to make food but I tend to find myself to lazy lately to cook a whole meal just for one person so I've been living off of blueberry bagels, and I'm rather enjoying it if I do say so myself. I went ti my first Devo this week! It was pretty grand- I'm glad we have them every Tuesday here, it's pretty uplifting. Oh and also it snowed for the first time since I've been here! snow is magical, just not all the time so im glad it didnt last too long. 
Also my next door neighbor, Libby, has one of those awesome beard hats. So cool. We enjoyed it. 
I'm super excited for this weekend, so bring it on!

January 12, 2012

First Weekend In The Burg

So now that it's almost the weekend i guess i should get around to posting about the last weekend. On Friday i went with some cool kids to Sammy's (a burger place down the street). They have pie shakes, and i had one. and it was super delicious. Although i couldn't finish the whole thing so people helped me out. Went to a dance after but it was kinda sketch so we stuck to a movie.
And the following night there was dance. Been doing dances since age 14 so why not right? My life is Mormon. It was pretty fun though! So good times had by all- followed by meeting my new ward on Sunday, and getting a calling! and a talk for next sunday. geez-all so fast. 

January 04, 2012

Move In Day!

I finally moved into my new "house"! It's seriously a blessing and a curse to have such a big dorm. I guess most dorms are just one room and a couple beds....weelllll not BYUI! There's 2 rooms in each dorm, 4 girls, a living room, bathroom and kitchen! So the downfall is buying all the things for these rooms, but i guess we can stick to the positives now.
My Side! this was before i put stuff on the wall under the bed but you get the jist. Thought I'd try to spruce up the cinder block... Dad helped me move in Monday morning, and felt weird when he left but hey, It's college!
My roommates and I have had a rough time trying to figure out how to decorate out living room, it can get kinda pricey... but I ran to walmart today (many many MANY thanks to monica and her roomates!) and got a couple starting things to make it look more homey and not so homely.
Tada! and you see the mini Christos in the corner? yeah, awesome. He's chillin with the bowl of candy on the desk for our house guests. :) Today was also the first day of classes and thus far, success! Now we'll see what happens with the 7 am class tomorrow...not quite like today where i started at 11:30..(which is a beautiful thing by the way)
So over all, I like Barnes Hall, and i like the campus and I'm liking classes. crossing my fingers it stays this way!

January 01, 2012

Journey to the middle of Nowhere

So where am I going to school? You guessed it, the middle of nowhere! So we actually traveled to Rexburg today, and drove through a lot of farm country. I'm just gonna say right now I think my whole life might be a lie. I have seen more cows today than I EVER have in Wisconsin. Maybe this should be Americas dairy land instead of potato land. I've even heard Idaho potatoes come from Washington. What's next? Florida doesn't even have oranges? Rant over-point is Rexburg is tiny, never the less I'm pretty excited to move in tomorrow! But still scared as all get out. Don't get me wrong folks, I probably wont sleep tonight, but we finally made it!

Note: Please excuse the fact i look like a monster, It was freakishly cold.

The Mormon Mecca

So as many know, I'm a Mormon. I'm pretty sure it's some kind of requirement for all Mormons to attend Utah (just kidding), but I've never been! That is until this past Friday when I traveled to Salt Lake City. This was also my first time to see mountains. (What kind of person has never seen mountains. this kind) but let me tell you kids they are, amazing! Although i have to remind myself that they're going to be there because i come out of a store, forget I'm in Utah and get freaked out all over again when I see a mountain.

I also went to temple square on New Years eve! The lights were still up-so beautiful. I can't believe how long it took for all the pioneers to build something so beautiful.The visitors center was as well.  Spent the rest of the night with my Parents best friends. They helped take care of me as a baby and now are helping me when I'm off to college. Crazy huh? 
 Dad seemed to like the Joseph Smith memorial building. except he wants to live there.....
It was even uncommonly mild when we were there. Over all I'll say Utah ain't half bad. Aside from the church building every 3 blocks thing...still kinda freaks me out a tad.