October 24, 2012

Devo and a Claire Visit

Would anyone like to know what Devo is? We here at BYU-I decided that full words take too much time to say so we shortened devotional to devo. Basically the shut everything down Tuesdays at 2 pm so we can listen to speakers and be uplifted spiritually. We are reminded of the love God has for us. It's pretty cool
Check it ------> DEVO! 
Claire my first roommate also came to visit. (mostly visit her fiance Spencer but i know deep down she wanted to see me too.... ) 
Here's some fun pictures of people I love. Sorry I don't have much to say. I'm kinda lame when it comes to writing. 
            This is my gorgeous friend Mikyla. She's super sweet and funny. nuff said. 
       This is Chase and I think he's pretty cute. But hey, you didn't hear that from me
     These are my roomates! Claire and Nicole- goobers, both of em, but you gotta love it. 
                                         And of course my bestie, Stephanie! 
And now here are just some random pictures. enjoy:) It was great having claire here- the weird voice made a return and i cant wait to room with her again this winter! 
Always have Happy Tuesdays friends! 

October 13, 2012

Fall Leaves...But Hopefully not too soon

Did any of you catch the cheesy joke I made in the title? Yeah. I'm not very funny but I try so the occasional pity laugh is appreciated. Anywho, heres something funny (again, not really funny but its a segway...go with it.) I used to HATE fall as a kid. For some reason the thought of it made me me cringe like a baby eating a lemon. Now? I'm LOVING fall. weird right? but the leaves are so pretty and the mild weather with the sun still shining. LOVE IT. 

I love fall for: 
-pumpkin spice hot chocolate
-cool days
-sweaters and boots
Basically chillin with Mr.Joyner and taking life as it comes.  I also got to watch a great GENERAL CONFERENCE . Click it up, learn some stuff about what I believe in, it's jazzy. Also, I have some pretty cool friends.