June 09, 2014

Our Wedding! Part 1: Getting Ready

Yeahhh so Imma break this up because theres no way I could write the whole day in one post. Not that talented, not that dedicated. If you are here for pics, ignore all this text as it will be extremely boring to you. (PS some of this is vendor review. Just a forewarning..)
Alriggghhht let's begin. Sleeping the night before your wedding. You don't. You jut don't- therefore I took a sleeping pill. Thank you modern medicine. 
I was freakin out a little in the morning but if I know me you know I'm always freakin out so whats new, amirite?

Let me explain what a glorious thing it is though to have someone do your hair and makeup on your wedding day. Some of you know me pretty well and perhaps want to ask "But Jovanna, don't you love doing your makeup? You spend like hours doing it instead of being a normal human being? why didn't you just do it yourself?" 

  Let me answer you simply.
If you're anything like me, your makeup looks freakin awesome when you do it and stay at home all night and then looks like a crazed ferret was chewing on your face when you have somewhere important to be. 

So I looked for the best and found Jade! She runs Kissable Complexions.I had actually seen her stuff all over pinterest before I was engaged, I just didnt know I was pinning her stuff! (chances are, if you have a pinterest, you've seen her stuff too. She's just that dang good). 

She did my engagement makeup, Bridals and Wedding. Not only is she STUNNING and super talented but she's super sweet. Which is great cause meeting a makeup idol to me is freakishly scary ha. I loved talking makeup with her and getting her suggestions as she fixed my face up. (In fact I just love learning about makeup and product in general so if you wanna talk, hey, lets talk). 
So basically, yes. She's amazing. She travels between Utah and California so If you are getting married I recommend her. If you're paying a ton for a dress and a photographer why would you want your makeup to look goopy in your pictures because your hand was shaking all morning? 
Shannon and David where also there for all the documenting purposes. So wonderful! 
I had Stephanie Brinkerhoff of Hair and Makeup by Steph come on by and do my hair for the day. We were all pretty amazed because she is some sort of hair wizard. I had never met her before this day, I didnt have time to do a trial run. She walked in, I showed her  picture and then BOOM 45 minutes later she was done. I'm still in shock to be honest with you.
My mom and my sister were getting ready too so they came in and out. My maid of honor and best friend steph was there and was seriously amazing. I think she was even more prepared than I saw and I tried to be pretty prepared. My roommies were able to come over in the morning and keep me company. They are just the best. I love them. And they raided my red lipstick so they could all match (to be fair I think bryn was already wearing red lipstick #trendsetter) 
I got to prep my sister a little bit. If you know me you know my rule is always wear lipstick. I have this thing with lipstick. 
Chase and I exchanged gifts for our wedding. The funny thing is we both had the same idea even though we hadn't talked about it. I wrote him a journal starting the week after we got engaged with one thing everyday that I loved about him. 
I opened his letter and present that morning. He actually hand made me a book (he made a book press and everything to make the book) with printed days of a full year. Some pages had pictures and all. Great minds think alike I suppose, but the book he made me was definitely much cooler :) 
Basically a wonderful morning.  So glad I could have my Mom, Sister, best friend, my lovely roommies and great vendors there with me! Here are just some sweet shots shannon captured of our rings, announcement, dress, shoes. All those coolio details.
(something blue! much thanks to emmily of charming details for letting me borrow this one :) 
( the YSL lipstick Jade used on me for the day. Lipstick Swoon) 
Thanks for stoppin by y'all. Prepare for wedding post part 2...and possibly 3. IF YOU CAN HANDLE THAT. 
(all photos taken by shannonelizabethphotography )