February 23, 2015

Dog Stalking & Other Confessions

I've decided to make this a reoccurring post thing. Just cause. My first one was HERE, if you're curious as to what this biz is all about. (below is one of the greatest dog gifs of all time.)

So here we go
1. I dog stalk. As in, if you have pictures of your dog anywhere, I will look at them all. If you are walking on the street with a dog, I will stop everything and try to pet your dog without awkwardly asking if I can pet your dog. If it's not obvious enough, I really really really want a dog. 

2. I watch criminal minds almost every day. (wait. maybe I don't want to admit that..) Dr. Reid is basically responsible for solving every case and if you don't think so, I'm not sure we can be friends..

3. Chase and I quote this video all the time now. " Thats funny. I've never heard of a George Glass at our sk├╝le"

4. If I could, I would have a jamba juice every.day. 

5. I love to celebrate everything. I did valentines week instead of valentines day. Leslie Knope is with me on this one.

6. Hearing that Oklahoma is trying to ban AP US history fills me with such sadness I cannot even express. If I did, it might be the equivalent of having it snow every day of your Hawaiian vacation. (I am aware this doesn't happen. but imagine the sadness.) 

5. As much as it pains me to say it, I think I'm side taylor in the taylor swift/katy perry fight. It's a real thing...apparently. But more importantly, I am always side LEFT SHARK.

6. When we go to Washington next month I really hope Chase let's me hangout with these bronze animals in his hometown. I mean, look at them. (side note, I'm stoked both of our families live in Washington state now)
7. I have already bought 2 boxes of french toast crunch since it's come back. I regret nothing. 

8. I really don't know why women fight with each other about whether or not they should wear makeup... but that could seriously be it's own post. 

9. I love snoop dogg. (snoop lion) I mean don't ask me why, I just do. 

10. I want breakfast food all the time. Side note, why doesn't mcdonalds sell their breakfast all day? It's like they're purposely torturing me (orrrr preventing me from being 5000 lbs. matter of opinion)
I don't think this could have ended more perfectly. Ron Swanson bacon gif. The end. 

February 10, 2015

Tartelette Palette & Baby Tutorial

So I did this look in December of 2014 and never got around to posting it. It's super easy! I also have some swatches of the palette, and a little (terrible) video below. I decided to film after it was requested and for some reason filmed on a day where I felt sick. You can definitely hear it in my voice and see it on film so hopefully next time I won't make such a sloppy and boring tutorial ;)
Full Face details:
Eyes: Tarte Tartelette Palette
Lips: Clinique Raspberry Rush & Victoria Secret gloss in Dazzling Sangria
Contour: Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
Highlight: Diamond Glow Powder in Double Take
Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow in Soft Brown
Lashes: Red Cherry #217
Blush: Bobbi Brown Tawny
Let's talk about this palette real quick...
So beautiful right? This palette came out last fall, and I got an email from Sephora when it was VIB Exclusive. I debated for about 5 seconds until I realized it was an all matte palette. AKA my favorite type of shadow ever. I waited till I had my 20% off coupon and got this sucker. Always look for deals my friends! :) They are super pigmented and very easy to blend. Sometimes matte shadows can look chalky but these do not! Score. 
My favorites are probably Super Mom, Caregiver and Free Spirit. For light colors they're so pigmented, and I have not found some light mattes this good since the Lorac Palettes. 
Obviously some of these shades will show up better on the eyes (Force of Nature, Wanderer) than they did on my skin. 
Obviously these pictures were not taken on the same day as the tutorial I filmed because I actually spent more than 5 minutes on my face on the picture day. Hopefully you can still get the jist from the doofy tutorial. 
Speaking of the tutorial. ^^THIS^^ is how I feel when I listen to my own man voice, so there may be many mistakes in there but I am not doing this over again.
Hopefully you don't make the same face....ENJOY.
PS don't forget to bump up the quality if you do watch it, because poor quality is LAME.

February 05, 2015

Miss Shaunessy

I took these photos about 8 million years ago (thanksgiving to be exact) and I haven't gotten around to posting them due to an "editing block" if you will. I edited some pictures 4 of 5 times and still couldn't decide: but since it's been forever,  I decided I'm not a photographer and threw cohesiveness out the door.That helped a little. Annnd I let myself off the hook for taking these as JPEGS instead of RAW : maybe I can fix that mistake and take a few more when we head to Washington for Junior Miss. :) It will make it much easier for me to edit next time around. 
I was able to do some light makeup on Shaunessy and we crammed in a few photos that day before heading to the bountiful temple! She was such an easy subject to work with because she's not awkward about posing and has perfect skin. Does it get better? Here are a few of some of my favorites below! The rest to be posted to Facebook soon!