September 29, 2012

Song From the Heart

Guys, it's been one of those days where I sat around thinking WAY too much and it's also been one of those days where I surely do miss a lot of things. Plano choir. Oh yeah, I miss it. Theres something about performing music that makes you feel differently, think differently, everything. I stalked our choir videos. I'm lame. I can't help it. This was one of my favorite songs to sing EVER. I wish it was longer on the video but thank you to however took the video. The composer wrote this song after his mother died. It's a stunning piece. 
OR This one.... I like this one too.
Plus I really miss my choir family. 
This choir had the greatest people with the most AMAZING TALENT. The most amazing choir president, and director. 
I really miss the sound, being a choir officer, taking attendance, singing and learning but I am so grateful that I had the experience and the memories for the rest of my life. God is great to me for allowing me this blessing. Music if forever, family is forever; Once a wildcat, always a wildcat.

September 26, 2012

The Falls Weekend

Guys, seriously I love Idaho but there's pretty much nothingggg to do here. I'm not kidding you..but we find somethings to do and one is go to Idaho Falls, the biggest town for miles around. Went for sushi. I'm not good at eating sushi..just in case you were wondering. I'm like a defective toddler with chopsticks, so while everyone else is busy being a normal functioning adult I'm eating sushi with my hands. Its quite sad really. 
Saw a dude movie....I'm also not a dude but hey, you gotta branch out from romantic comedies every once in a while...right? Right. That's what I'm telling myself. Fro-Yo at kiwi loco though...thats my jam. I'm pretty good at eating sweets, ask anyone. Plus Charles, Lauren and Chase are a blast and hold off on their desire to kick my face in everytime I pull out the camera. Sweethearts. 
Same weekend I got to visit my lovely roommates of last semester Heather and Michelle
I Miss these girls like crazy and I heard some crazy stories. You'd be surprised what can happen over a 7 week break.. 
ANNNDDD my room- roommate paola. what a sweetheart, miss her cute little voice. 
To top it all off egg rolls for sunday dinner. So yeah, there's not much to do in Idaho but I'm super blessed to have the friends I do and be going to this school. I love it. 
Sorry for the picture overload....but who am I kidding, people dont read this they just look at the pictures anyways. :) PS- my sweet roommate Cassie wasn't feeling well and before she went home she made us these cookies. Can I just say THAT is a christlike woman right there. She's such a fighter and always has a smile on her face. AMAZING. 

September 15, 2012

Another Start: Fall Semester 2012

So a new semester is starting! How crazy is that? Anywho, leaving home was harder than normal this time. Dad and I drove 3 days to get from Brookfield, Wisconsin to Rexburg, Idaho. Let me tell you what I learned about states like South Dakota....they have a lot of corn and cows. That's pretty much it folks. No offense to the people who live there. 
And we finally made it to Rexburg! Loving my new apartment- I'll have to update the pictures later but for now This will have to do. Week one down- only a million more to go. 
So I'll try to update the pictures sooner than later with my lovely new roommates and all that jazz:) Until then have a fantastic day