July 18, 2016

The Esteé Edit

So I received these products for free in exchange for my honest review of them. The esteé edit is a new line from Esteé Lauder that focuses on the idea that "beauty is an attitude". The products seem to me to focus on glowy vibrant skin and a natural feel. I have really enjoyed using these products so far and have been pleasantly surprised! Details below.
The pore vanishing stick : is a stick that glides on and instantly minimizes the appearance of pores. ( think benefits pore-fessional primer in a stick ) This is my favorite of the 4 by far. I have CRAZY large pores on my nose ( mean girls moment. but really) and this stick blurs them like a in person Photoshop! They say you can use it over or under your foundation but I really recommend under. Putting it over kind of moves your foundation around #notafanofthat. It has a little bit of foundation looking substance in the middle of the stick so this would also be perfect for days where you want to go without foundation at all. Just a little swipe to smoother looking skin. 
The Barest Lip Color : Is a lipstick lip balm hybrid. It comes in 6 colors and is a "your lips but better" sort of lipstick. It's very sheer but you can layer it for a deeper color. It contains Muru Muru butter and flower petal waxes. Honestly its very soft and really hydrating but I've been so changed by my lipsense addiction that I haven't worn it more than once. I will say the packaging is super cute though. It's heavy and feels luxurious.
The Flash Illuminator : is a liquid highlighter of sorts. The website describes it as a complexion hybrid that pairs hydrating skincare ingredients with instant illumination. It comes in different colors and each one serves a little bit of a different purpose (which is a little different than most highlighters). The lighter colors work for strobbing and golden highlights where the darker shades work as a blush or a bronzer. I find this works best BEFORE or without any powders (like most liquid highlighting products). Apply with fingertips to the light points of the face (brow bone, cheek bone ect)
Beam Team Hydrate + Glow: is a hydrating lotion and touch on shimmer concentrate duo. I have applied this under my foundation, mixed in with my foundation and as a subtle highlight. I think this would be stunning on ladies who wear minimal foundation but want an extra summery glow. The cap flips open and has a shimmer concentrate you can apply with your finger tips to the high parts of your face that would reflect light and also bronze in the summer.
Hopefully this gives you a better idea about this new line! It really fits a glowy summer look and it's worth at least giving it a swatch at sephora :)