November 21, 2014

Smokey eye: Plums

Hello there my friends of the internet- I've decided to post this bad boy online. I accidentally came upon this look ( which is how I come across most of these looks to be honest) but it seemed to work out alright. Its not a whole eye look (sometimes I do that and It looks like I was punched. 

If you've ever asked me what my favorite palette is, I have told you LORAC, LORAC, LORAC. I will attempt to make a video on this sometime. I used both one and two for this look- but you really could use the pro palette 2.

1: I used lt. brown and taupe with a big fluffy brush in the crease of my eyelid, windshield wiper motion
2: made it a little deeper in the crease with sable using a mac 217 brush. I'm not sure this step is completely necessary.
3: this step is important! I used nyx black bean jumbo pencil and smudged a little bit off it next to my lash line. Using a shader brush (flat brush much like with comes with a naked palette) and press plum into the crease. press most product close to the lash line and smaller and smaller amounts as you approach your eye crease.
4: I chose to repeat the pressing motion of step 4 with deep purple. its a darker shade and has little bits of glitter in it. I'm a fan.
you can continue to build color with the purple shades as many times as you need- I did blend my crease with a light brown in between each repeat, as not to have harsh lines
5: with the tip of the shader brush use either black (they're the same) and press little amounts very close to the lash line- and blend! if you want it more black than purple, add more bits of black but always blend it out!
6:I almost always finish my eyes by blending white and cream from the pro palette 1 and putting that product on my brow bone, under my brow arch.
*7: blend those brown colors under the eye with a pencil brush. I didn't do a ton because I have some major raccoon circles, but the smokier you want to make it, go for it! You can use some black in the outer corner of the eye. just don't forget to blend!

And that's all there is to it! I'm really hoping to make videos soon, or maybe little clips. I think it would make it much more clear- do you agree with me? Just don't judge my weirdness if I decide to make them...
Hair: a bit of a throwback to my sophomore year of high school when I used a small Ginalli wand on pretty much every drill team girls hair. You can find those wands HERE.

Lips are Mac Velvet Teddy
If you have any questions- ask away! Let's talk hair and makeup my friends!

November 04, 2014

I hate daylight savings: & other confessions

I write this as if people truly cared about the random things that make up my life: but why not.
Im stuck in this weird limbo where I want to post fun, cool, useful things all the time- and feeling like everything I post is irrelevant and I post way too much. Maybe I'l just start posting whatever I want, because If I waited for something relevant I would never post. (oh wait. maybe that's why I never post..?)

On other note I hate daylight savings so much. Ok, fall daylight savings time. The sun sets at 5 pm. Am I the only one who feels like that is the worst thing ever? Where did the sun even go?

2: I have listened to taylor swift's "Blank Space" so many times I can't even count. And it is probably the best song to lip sync to. And I don't even care that I'm starting sentences with "AND" (does that technically count as confession 2?)

3: I followed all my favorite buzz feed people on Facebook and stalked them. I feel no shame. I rotate this out, but I think Ashley and Eugene are my favorites. Oh and too many favorites. I will let myself feel no shame for stalking hilarious people.

4: I was super excited to pass out candy to little kids on halloween, and as soon as the first one came to the door, I hid and made chase pass out the candy. I have no idea why holidays stress me out so much. Don't worry though, by the end of the night I was passing out the candy.

5: My one on one conversations with people have become painfully awkward, as I have somehow lost all social skills. THIS is not something I am proud of.

6: Chase and I shamelessly drop everything when we see a dog and yell DOGE. (sometimes in a whisper tone, as to not freak out owners of said dogs) It's like we never see dogs or something- but really it's because we want a dog so badly.

7: I make babies sloth noises. Like this. I'm embarrassed, but not enough to stop doing it...obviously.
(also, that's one of my favorite videos ever)

8: I'm addicted to mystery teen novels. Easy reads, so much angst. There's something about it that keeps me coming back. recently read : Cryer's Cross

9: I don't think I like fall as much as other people do. I like it for about a month (the month where it's still 75 to 80 degrees and a few trees change colors. When everyones like "WEEEE! sweater weather!" I'm sitting there wishing a sweater was optional. I know- I'm a buzzkill. 

10: I want a cheeto costume like Katy Perrys. SO BAD. I would wear it all the time. Ok, maybe not ALL the time, but probably more than I should.