May 28, 2015

SNAP! Conference

I had the opportunity to assist Emmily of Charming Details with Snap!Conference this year. It was so much fun, and amazingly beautiful. So I really wish I had glorious photos of this amazing event I am describing but sadly, I kind of hate all of them. 

So just use your imagination with all the pictures I DO have and pretend I was smart enough to own an external flash. This grain was not on purpose.. 
(lovely floral wall above by Soil and Stem
There was a dinner portion of the Thursday night event. Event menu done by Peter Loves Jane
Did I mention I basically died when I met all these creatives? (That's a little dramatic). For example, every mood board in my wedding binder came from Nikkol of Peter loves Jane. I have been following her site for ages. This happened to me quite a few times at this conference. 
Mindy Gledhill, lot's of flower crown making guided by St.Thomas Floral, Floral wall for a Photo Booth back drop, Jo-Anns Mint Juleps, Cotton Candy, pastries...I die. 
Emmily coordinating an event a few days before giving birth...Don't ask me how she did it, I'm just glad she did. 
I ran into Lucy Scholl and her sweet mama during the party! She is a friend from back home in Texas who also happens to be a wonderful singer and totally sweetheart. 
Organic cotton Candy. I had cotton candy at my wedding, so you can go ahead and guess if I love it. 
If you guessed no, you're horrible at guessing. 
The lovely Jessica, of Saint Thomas Floral 
 I also met the keynote speakers of the night, A Beautiful Mess. They are the FIRST blog I ever followed and I freaked out. Poor Elsie and Emma.
And of course this picture of Kaylee. How could I not...

As well as the party, Emmily designed the Jo-Anns room this year and it was gorgeous. Unfortunately, I didn't get ANY pictures before they tore it down. I try not to think about it...
Here is a picture I DID NOT TAKE. It's from Danamadeit's Instagram account. But yes, though are fresh florals in that woodcut wall. Swoon. 
There was a full wood flooring put down, make your own stamp kits, luggage tags and a lounge area. If you'd like to see more (and I suggest you dooo it) search #JOANNATSNAP on instagram. 
Sorry Im the BIGGEST bum in the world when it comes to writing but I hope you get the jist ;)

 If you love beautiful things, and I hope you do, here are a few of the Instagram accounts for some vendors involved. They will bring all sorts of lovely goodness to your feed.

May 02, 2015

Bryndee & Taylor : Engagements

It was so great to snap a few pictures of Bryndee and her man Taylor before their wedding the second week of May! They are freakishly beautiful so I would take pictures of them anyway, lets be real. We just had time for a couple,
 if you've read my last posts you'll know that none of these will be edited in the same style. I kind of hate it and kind of love it because not being a professional photographer, I kind of get to do whatever I like, and whatever the "client" likes too.  While I normally like light, airy photos; I guess sometimes it's nice to have a heavy fade or distort colors. That's why Bryns rocking dress is a million different colors in this shoot fyi. Just embrace it with me, will you? ;) 
So basically they are adorable and I can't handle it. AND their wedding is in ONE WEEK! Married friends in the making. Congrats to the future Mr. & Mrs. Deamer!