April 04, 2013

Reasons NOT to cut your own bangs and Easter Sunday

So two years ago I had Easter with my the Borg Family, last year in Provo with Mckenzie and this year in Rexburg, Idaho! Luckily, It was beautiful out that day.Minus the fact that I now have bangs....which I explain and the bottom of the post. 
Had a lovely day at church with these ladies! My roommies are beautiful! and weird... 
This is Bryndee just being Bryndee. She was 19 so we let it go...
And Adri just being Adri....but she's NOT 19 yet so we let that go too.. ;)
We spent the rest of the day making easter dinner and spending time in porter park playing frisbee. It was a beautiful day and I have to say I have never been a huge fan of Easter before but It has grown on me a lot more because I'm grateful for my Savior.

So I've avoided the subject but you may (or may not which would be nice) have noticed I now have bangs. Believe it or not I've rocked the bangs before...as a 1st grader...
(Thats me in the red with my posse. We're all stylin) 
So yes I've reverted back to being 6.Earlier in the day I felt restless and cut little bylittle. 
Roommates didn't seem to notice so I felt pretty satisfied. I looked at my beauty board on pinterest and got terrible ideas (pinterest can be dangerous).
Here's something my roommates and I have learned from this. DON'T LEAVE JOVANNA HOME ALONE. Three roommates were out of town, Chase was working all day and then Adri, Spencer and Claire went to the store and left me home alone.
For 20 minutes. With scissors. 
I pulled my hair straight out and chopped. Then I held it in my hand and thought "WHAT.DID.I.JUST. DO". 
I heard Claire, Spencer and Adri get home and I tried to hide my face. I turned around and claire, in the first 2 seconds, said 
"Did you get your bangs cut...?"

Really not the best rebutal I've ever had...
Then Chase came home....and I showed him. And he liked it. 
(he's kinda weird but thats ok) 
Here are some reasons why cutting your own bangs is a BAD idea
#1: you will miss your hair. Seriously. It's like a bestfriend you took for granted till 
        they're gone 
#2: you may feel like you're 5 again.(if you've had bangs in the past) this is fun for you for about 2 minutes and then you want to go back to being an adult
#3: the bangs are uneven, and you look like a drunk donkey
#4: the "I can keep cutting" syndrome. you'll know you're in it when you feel a small rush 
of excitement followed by sheer anguish and the need to cut more to fix it
#5: If you live in a very windy area like Rexburg, they will go freaking everywhere when
your walking around outside, you can't see and now you've gone from sexy hair             
blowing in the wind to lady walking around holding her forehead. 
#6: everyone and their brother will mention your hair cut. whether they like it or not.

So take it from me, don't impulsively cut your bangs on a day when you're feeling ambitious