November 28, 2011

This is fine arts, not crap on a shingle

What am i missing today? I will tell you. My Plano Senior High School Choir family. I miss the music, the work, the feeling, the people,the most amazing high school choir on planet the earth(biased? no...) I miss everything about that choir. Those things you really take for granted until theyre gone.
I'd never trade those days i could stand in front of that choir- take attendance as secretary and see everyone talking with their friends. Now we're all over the country, and some of us don't sing in choirs anymore. I'd never trade those days.Do I get a little sappy sometimes? why yes, yes I do. Am I ashamed? Not really. 
Music is forever, family is forever. Oh, how I miss ya'll- I think I always will.

November 27, 2011

Black friday, Black friday
and some Christmas!

So mom and I decided to go to black friday on, well, black friday. I'm a pro at staying awake so I had no problems. Mom...was another story. Found a delicious soap place called "lush". I'm a fan. But I'm a beauty product fan so what can i say?

All in all a good week-glad thanksgiving is over and the Christmas starts! makes my heart melt. And my visiting teacher courtney brought me some beautiful cupcakes-Looks like the holidays, and I for one, am excited.

Hey Y'all! I'm Jovanna!

Joe-vah-nah Ray-ah Just in case you were curious... ;) 
Jovanna Rhea Joyner in fact: hence J squared, and the website name
But I'll always be a De La Peña too! 
I am currently back in Dallas,Texas after a move from Salt Lake City, Utah last year. This is my random blog of things I enjoy: photos I've taken, makeup posts, and an online journal of life in general. 

I love: sloths( basically more than anything. I watch this video at least once a week. I'm not kidding) food of all kinds, sleeping in, weddings, makeup, the smell of pine sol, stopping all conversations when a dog enters my line of sight, making weird noises, binge watching criminal minds & parks and rec, lying in the sun for hours, and picking out my favorite houses on walks around random neighborhoods. 

I'm married my best friend (how cliché, right?) April, 3 of 2014. We met in April of 2012. I told him I wasn't looking for anything serious, 2 weeks into dating he said he could see himself marrying me and I told him to back away from me very quickly... and then we got married. I left out some details but you get the jist. Together we make baby sloth noises, obsess over having a dog, enjoy Indian food,  share animals videos via Facebook all day, daydream about living in a loft in a big city, and disagree on whether on not our mattress should be a permanent fixture in the living room. ( I mean the TV is out there, soooo..)

I hope you stick around:  I love to meet new people. You can not find someone who loves creeping as much as I do so don't be nervous to chat, even if I don't know you! I If you have a blog ,send me a link! I'd love to find new people to blog stalk. thanks for stoping by ;)