June 29, 2013

Keep Portland Weird

So Y'all, I have officially made it over to the west coast for the first time in my life. Crazy right?! Haven't officially been to the coast.....but I'm close! Chase took me to downtown portland to see the city. It's so green and beautiful but crazy weird. I mean we saw some interesting people here...One lady in a cape doing some sort of interpretive dance while a man behind her played some notes on a portable keyboard, a woman carrying a live cat on her back like a backpack, a random bagpiper and dragon rowing boats racing down the river. What..? But I guess thats why they say, "keep portland weird". 
Look how fancy we can be....trying to learn how to take pictures. 
And then not so fancy below...
Chase told me I had to have Voodoo Doughnuts since they're a  must do while in portland. 
I got cotton candy flavored ( because if you don't know I'm OBSESSED with cotton candy. bring me some and I'll love you) and chase got maple bacon.mmmmmm.
Super sweet though so we picked up some water bottles in a gas station that required the man behind the counter to unlock the fridges...and the man outside was rolling a blunt. Classy classy. 
I love being able to travel around parts of the country I've never been to. It's so fun to see how other people live:) I would write more if I had done this weeks ago when I went. Being lazy...I'll get better at this I promise.

Nelson Wedding: Video

My roommate claire is finally married! Mr. and Mrs.Nelson had a beautiful wedding and I'm so grateful I was able to be a part of it:) I didn't take to many pictures this time (Weird, I know) but I took little snipits of videos throughout the day so theres the reasoning you were looking for. 
They got married in the Portland, Oregon temple and it is BEAUTIFUL. So green! 
The video is at the bottom, WATCH IN HD. seriously. makes a huge difference- plus the video is shakey anyways. take it as it is people, videography is not my goal or my thing. 

Nelson Wedding from Jovanna De La Pena on Vimeo.