Chrisspy Girls Day

So we did a thing. We decided to spend a day playing with halloween makeup (using the fabulous chrisspy as inspo). It occured to me that I don't blog enough anymore because I'm worried about things not looking perfect enough. THEN I thought, "Oh wait, this blog is for me as an online journal. Screw it" and decided to post these here.
Heather was a gangster clown, Amanda a werewolf and I was an undone skull. Speaks for itself I think.

These outtakes the took with winston while I was removing my makeup are too perfect. I love them so.
These lovely ladies also snapped a few fall photos I have been wanting of my little family so I only felt it was right that Winston get a picture with his Aunts. * laughing emoji here* ( Why aren't there blog emojis??? Can someone make those?) 
Halloween is SO much better when you get to play with strange makeup for a whole month!