Halloween Dog Party 2016

Since moving to Dallas we have made some pretty wonderful friends from our new ward. Heather is a genius and decided to throw a DOG Halloween party. Because we love dogs. Obviously. Also, they came up with some AMAZING costume ideas ( and I will be the first to admit that ours sucked but to be fair we planned our entire costume around Winstons...)

 Lynda + Sean + Teddy & Scotch = A football player, cheerleader and her "pom poms" ;) 
see what she did there? Yes, genius. We thought they couldn't get fluffier. But we were wrong. 
Sierra + Chase + Ollie = A hot dog, a "dog mom" ( Sierra dressed as ollie) and a very cute dog who is enjoying a bone. 
Sierra was working all morning so she said they would have to throw some costumes together and frankly, I was still impressed. 
Heather + Aaron + Vivian & Crosby = Bob and Linda Belcher & 2 little hot dogs.
 If you haven't seen Bob's burgers stop everything you are doing and go watch it now.
Amanda + Joe + Pig = awkward 80's family photo. 
This one seriously killed me. I was laughing at everything Amanda did all night because of that wig. And can we take a minute to look at pig. She is a ROCKSTAR. Still dying.
Krystle + Michael = A robber and a blueberry. 
Krystle tried to give out change at trunk or treat and kids were NOT having it. ( They are still learning the value of money over candy...appparrrenntlyy ???) and sometime ago Krystle posted a snap chat of Michael with the raspberry filter. Many hilarious things ensued and here we are. Also some child proclaimed at Trunk or Treat " a blueberry is not something you can be for Halloween". 
Kids. They say the darnedest things.
Jovanna + Chase + Winston = A family of cowboys. 
See how lame that is? Yes. But look at that little man on Winstons back. Winston is the fatest horse to ever walk the earth. That justifies it for me. 

Please take a moment to enjoy these very awkward photos we took late into the night when we were kind of losing it. 
Also this scary photo of Michael in blue face. And Sean staring off into the distance on the bottom right. AND Krystle running off with a liter of Diet Coke. 
 Greatest awkward family photos.
Chase and Vivian. A beautiful love story.
VIVIANNEEEE. Shes 16 and the funniest dog on earth.
Now we arrive at the random Trunk or Treat photos. 
Winston loves Chillens. ( Children for those of you that missed that.)
That train costume. I can't. SO CUTE.