Wedding Announcements: Huckleberry Paper

So now that our wedding announcements have been sent out and all is said and done, I'd like to share a little bit of their history with you. They were hand painted for us by the fabulous Haley Smith who started Huckleberry Paper!

Haley is the sweetest: she is stunning AND talented. (not fair, right?) I met Haley when we were 10 and 11 at church, when we both lived in Saint Louis. I always thought she was the coolest, and when she asked me to come to her house and hangout one day I was STOKED. She was artistic from the start I suppose, and she showed me some fashion sketches she did. ( is it creepy that I remember all of this? maybe, but that's how I do). She even let me spend the night one time in which I preceded to fall off of the top bunk of her bunk bed and her parents came and picked me up after hearing a loud thud. I remembered none of it the next morning…

She and I both moved and I found her sometime later on Facebook, and saw the beautiful things she was painting! She offered to do my wedding announcements and I was ON BOARD. I mean have you seen her work? Well if not you will soon;) 

She was so good about calling me and asking what colors I wanted, even the size of flowers. I pretty much just left that up to her since I trusted her judgment there. It was so lovely to have something that is so beautiful AND totally one of a kind for our wedding. I could not be more happy with how they turned out. 

If you want to see more of Miss Haleys work and get in contact with her check her out on Facebook at HUCKLEBERRYPAPER -or click that link I just gave you ;)

Also if you have yet to RSVP whether you can OR cannot make it, it isn't too late to do so- just shoot us an email on  

 ** All photos taken by Sami Jo Photography  **

 Many a thanks to Haley, you are one talented lady