Why Bridals?

So some of you that aren't LDS/mormon may be wondering "why the freaking beans do you have pictures in your wedding dress with your husband before your wedding day?" (also you probably are not saying "freaking beans" because that seems a very mormony thing to say, but just go with me for now).

Anyways, since Mormons often get married in LDS temples, you don't wear your wedding dress inside for the ceremony, you wear a different white dress. The first time my husband would see me in my dress would be after we were married anyways, so many lds people have started doing bridals/groomals. 

Bascially it gives you a chance to have a "first look/ walking down the aisle" experience, without walking down an aisle 
^^ Just creeping up to chase since he hadn't seen me in the dress yet.. ^^

I personally wanted bridals so we could have some pictures without the stress and crazy emotions of the wedding day and to get a couple styles and locations in.  It was super fun (minus the Utah hail and the fact that we're so insanely awkward).
For our second location I wanted to do something a little more "vintage classic". I'm a red lip junkie and I was able to wear my grandmas ring: something I wear often now that she's passed away. It was very important to me to keep family in our wedding. 
I'll probably do a ton more wedding posts (probably too many, sorry) talking about planning, vendors, organization and such. Huge thanks to shannon of SHANNONELIZABETHPHTOGRAPHY . Choosing a photographer who is not only talented but also someone who you get along with is so important and she made us so comfortable. I'll probably look at these over and over forever.