Spring Semester Anyone?

The beginning of spring semester and guess who has been slacking on the blog? this kid. But I'm about to change that so don't worry y'all. I know how concerned you were... Its a new semester and I moved apartments! Still living with this chick, no worries- and have met some lovely new ladies as well. Having a splendid time getting to know them more everyday. Now below you will find many MANY pictures. and if you survive to the end there's a recap- so brace yourself.
So if you made it to the end of all this nonsense heres a slight recap. Sunday was SO BEAUTIFUL it would have been a crime to stay inside- therefore, Nicole, Claire, and I decided it would be chill to meet out FHE brothers and we drug them to the park with us. They liked it...no worries. We discovered that we have the COOLEST brothers in the world so we all made cookies later and had a little music, youtube bonding night. jazzy huh? We also had a rocking ward family home evening and decided we are the most awesome family ever. No big. Other than that- this semester has had its ups and downs to far.I miss certain people. A lot. I think i lot is still an understatement.I hope it gets easier as time goes on- but I am blessed none the less. Happy First blog of the semester! thanks for surviving this post! 
Oh and if anyone cares... New room!