Workin for the Weekend

Ah one of the last weekends in my first semester at BYU-Idaho. Trying to use every second doing something. Workin on it! Can I just throw out there how cool candy stores are? Even if you don't love candy ( which would be weird) theres just so many cool things in there! I quite enjoyed it if I do say so myself.
I also got to see "Woman in Black" with some snazzy ladies. Between the screaming during the movie, kaity wanting to hold my hand every 5 seconds, and jumping during every part of the movie- I'm going to say definitely worth it.Kathyrn and I are really attractive.No big.
This was also my last weekend to be in the 26th ward, to be relief society secretary, and to walk to the Hinkley to church with my amazing roommates. I am extremely blessed. God must be good because I know I can't have done something to deserve such wonderfulness in life- but I'll definitely take it.