Spring Break: Seattle, WA

So the popular theme for me editing lately is no theme. I have yet to find one style I really like, so my pictures are still, unfortunately, very messy. Oh well. If you're down with that continue for a variety of pictures from our trip to Seattle! 
(Ps Im really really obsessed with the tulips. I would probably live there just to get fresh flowers all the time. That's probably not a strong enough reason to move somewhere huh?)
Oh and if you're wondering why the Seattle trip, my parents actually moved there at the beginning of the year. If you are familiar with my childhood you know we moved every few years to different states and cities. This is the first time my parents live on the west coast though and I am enjoying it. It's way pretty out there, chases family lives in Washington as well and it doesn't snow. (I don't like snow) Also, if you see pictures below of me wearing a University of Washington shirt, just know I am not the worlds bigger bandwagoner, but my Dad works for the medical school there. I'm just very supportive you see. Let us continue..
Picture of a picture of the gum wall. Gum-ception.
We like this pig.
Being a squid. Obviously. 
Vietnamese food ^^
This fremont troll thing. It is rad. Google "fremont troll" to see his various outfits. 
My personal favorite are the giant glasses. 
We had lunch at SERIOUS pie and biscuit down the street from Dad's work. I am pretty serious about pie and/or biscuits so this place was a yes. Also, freaking delicious pizza.
Space Needle. Cool, kinda over priced, kind of freaked out a little. I am not good with heights but I adjusted a little. Just go to the bathroom down on the ground floor. trust me. I went in at the top and I could feel the ground moving. THAT IS NOT A PLEASANT FEELING.
we signed this massive electronic guest board ^^
Underexposed moodiness 
 Lots of pictures of people walking away. I'm a slow walker...
 This hike almost killed me. To be fair, they told me we were going to a park...not a state park. I imagined flat grassy patch with trees and dogs. So I wore toms and a skirt. Yes, I hiked in a skirt. Casual. 
 But the good news is, WE FOUND A SNAIL. I love snails. Highlight of the whole hike. I moved him back to the grass, his lovely abode. I will never forget you snail.
^^  Is that not the most terrifying picture you've ever seen? ^^
Sorry for the lack of words in this post, but if you want to know some places we went hit me up. I'm just too lazy to write it. Laziness in blogging is a whole new level.
^^ more snails. ^^