Thanksgiving Week

ah...Thanksgiving. I  love this holiday because as you all know I love to stuff my face with food. just kidding. (not kidding at all) but I really do love a time when people take time to realize all the blessing they have. This year has been a crazy one, but I am truly blessed beyond what I deserve.

I decided to just combine the whole week because 1. I take a lot of pictures and never post 1/3 of them to social media and 2. because I forgot my SD card thanksgiving day. yes. I really did bring my camera and 2 lenses and failed to bring an SD card. I don't want to talk about it...lest I cry.

Chase's sister McKae stayed with us that week after we picked her up from Saint George. She was a good sport having to sleep on our tiny and somewhat uncomfortable couch. I searched all over a few days before for a good sushi place to go to with my roommates. we went to cheesecake factory. obviously I was successful...

But turns out I really was! because we found fat fish and it is NOMS. let me tell you, I don't really like sushi, so this is a big deal. Chase wanted to weep tears of joy I'm sure because it's his favorite food ever.
They have super cheap sushi: I mean look at this. (but don't look to hard because its kind of awful quality..)
I will probably post about this more later, because I have other things to post about. sorry.
We put up the tree on Wednesday because WE CAN (christmas haters), but that will be it's own post as well.
This is the only picture I got on thanksgiving day. Obviously my priorities are in order since there are no pictures of people. 
Chase ate like a tiny bird while I walked in there like:
Needless to say, I had seconds. Someone stop me.

I was definitely missing black friday shopping with my family. They are the masters. And there is just something about walking around the mall at 3 am with a bajallion people that is so wrong but feels so right. 

But chase and I went the next morning....probably because all night I was like:
Maybe I can slowly condition him into loving black friday...

I was able to do a little of Shaunessy's makeup and take a few pictures of her too! She was an awesome model, and chase followed us around. He must have just loved this week so much.
^^ This happens to be one of my favorites^^

We ran home from pictures and drove to bountiful: McKae went through the bountiful temple while she was here and we were about to go too! It was gorgeous, and a wonderful time (minus being sick and sniffling the whole time. sorry to everyone who was in that session)
and finally a Hatches stop. I was stoked when Chase's sister first took us here. I think I'm the only one who remembers the show TLC had for about 5 seconds called "The little Chocolatiers". Here's a LINK, and if you remember this PROPS TO YOU, because I was so excited when I realized this is their chocolate shop. I mean they were on tv making chocolate. *fame*

McKae suggested we get the hot chocolate there: I looked it up. It's straight up melted chocolate and milk. Thats it. I felt like I was in the willy wonka movie. I don't even like chocolate all the much (I know. everyone hates this fact) but I still loved it.
Basically this was an awesome week of doing things I love: shopping, eating, taking pictures, doing makeup and hanging out with family. Till next Thanksgiving, stay thankful y'all.