Apartment 210, Disaster Zone: Christmas Edition

My roommates and I had a great idea. Two words. GIANT.SLEEPOVER. 
You heard me right.....a GIANT SLEEPOVER. IN THE LIVING ROOM. So cool right? 
You know what you need for a giant sleepover? Giant dance parties...And christmas things. It's all so good.
So we made a journey to get ourselves a little tree and I put lights up around the ceiling (it was dangerous. I'm like a stunt man now)
Took some Christmas Pics. Totally normal. 
Also Taylor introduced us to clip in hair extensions. We had a little too much fun. I have some now and I'm never going back. 
And in the end we were all exhausted and our apartment looked like this in the morning.. 
It was even worse than it looks like...trust me. Totally worth it. 
Also Heres a video...enjoy: