So we're not all singing carol of the bells anymore?

So as all my friends head home to Plano,Texas for Christmas, I'm stuck in the frozen tundra of the north. Oops, I mean Wisconsin. So they got together at charlies house for their Christmas party and surprised me with a skype visit! 

And that my friends, is what cool kids look like. They even sang me some christmas songs( although they all sang different ones) but I do miss the singing. Sorry about the last 2 posts being about choir. Guess I must miss these people a lot! I'm grateful for such wonderful people in my life! 
P.S. Did i mention i really do miss the fact that this is the first time out of about the past 6 years I WONT be singing carol of the bells with a choir? I thought I'd shoot myself every time we sang it because we just sang it so darn much, and now, I really miss that song. Ah retrospect.