Bishop Arts

So if you follow any of my photography you know this isn't really my usual editing style but I really wanted to branch out and have some fun with it. Sometimes you need to let yourself out of the box and explore when you have a chance. Editing moody gave me a little of that when it comes to photography. Thanks to Krystle, Michael and Chase for being great models this day!
We started out with BYOC on slurpee day at 7-11. We aren't too extreme as you may have noticed. Then we made our way down the the Bishop Arts district! You would be surprised the amount of places I have NOT been to in Dallas even though I went to high school here. #planoprobs 
First stop was a little bookshop/coffee shop called The Wild Detectives! 
We FINALLY tried lockharts barbecue (thank you too all the friends who recommended it) and it was DELISH. I'm not a huge BBQ person but it was honestly so good and that mac and cheese...... *shivers*. YUMMMM O.
Look at this guy making amazing street art. Absolutely stunning. (Read that in a Gordan Ramsey voice. Cause I've been watching a lot of kitchen nightmares) Don't people have some amazing talents?! I just blows my mind.
Yeah. Please don't.
I'm not much of a writer as of late but I really am trying to get my biz together when it comes to blogging because I miss being able to go back and look through memories. :) So here's to hoping I get better at writing! (which means we need a miracle to happen. I'm looking at you "Will write for tacos..." *name dropping*)