Living In Utah

Man. I never thought I would be saying this but I'm going to miss living in Utah so much.
Seriously. Who am I? I was so anti-utah for the longest time but I've found some great things and people here and now I have some fonder feelings about the beehive state.
PS I wrote this in the dead of night so no proof reading has occurred yet. Readers beware, you might be in for a scare? 

So here are some things I will definitely miss about Utah (spoiler, some of these are specific to Salt Lake City):
1. Mountains :Plain and simple. Man, I grew up moving up and down the midwest and there are NO mountains there. When I moved out west in 2012 it was the FIRST time I had seen mountains. I kinda freaked out a little but that's another story. They are so crazy beautiful and I will miss seeing them everyday. I still don't believe all that baloney about having "my mountains" but I can definitely tell the difference between them now. Oh and big cottonwood canyon is my favorite. #wasatch #unnecessaryhashtags

2. The People :Ok, this one is cheating a little, because it kinda only applies to people I've met. I was convinced all people in Utah were crazy (and some of them really are) but turns out there are some pretty amazing people here too. I can't even list them all.

3. Swig : Kinda embarrassed how high on the list this is. but also NOT. cause it's delicious. #noshame.(plus they aren't really in order..) For non-utahins it's basically a drink place that also sells cookies. See, Mormons don't drink alcohol so they have to get creative with things like this. If you DO live by a swig and do yourself a favor and get my favorite: Dr. Pepper with coconut cream, vanilla cream and a shot of vanilla. If you can handle it, a sugar cookie. Duh. (ps ran across that combo while trying to recreate the vanilla cream dr. pepper made at sonic during my teen years).

4. Temple Square: Chase and I got married at the Salt Lake City temple and it's my favorite. Living 5 minutes down the street has been a dream. We were able to go there for sunday walks and lie on the grass and talk. Also, the christmas lights? Love. (minus the mass amounts of people).

5. Wedding Industry: I feel like this one is misleading but also should be split into subcategories
a. Working for Emmily of Charming Details. Emmily was my wedding planner and I had the privilege of working for her this year and it was so fun! She is the best, and I just adore her taste. ( I mean, biased, but whatever).

b. Shooting weddings with Shannon Elizabeth. Shannon was my wedding photographer as well and I ADORE her work. Hanging out with her on wedding days was so fun, hilarious and sweaty at times (ME. SIGH.)
c. How close the photographers are here. This little community can be bad and great at the same time, but I really do love community.
d. Florists. I mean. Their work is ah-mazing. Example: Nicole of Soil and Stem being a Boss and Jessica of St.Thomas Floral givin me the feels  and Kaylee acting like she does this in her sleep
e. Temple weddings. I know most photographers cringe at this one but I haven't lived in Utah my whole life so temple weddings are still fun for me.

6. Cheap Rent: Seriously doesn't get cheaper than where we live. 

7. Driving distance to Washington State: Both of our families live there now so this is a big one

8.Ute Games: Both football games and gymnastic meets were so fun to go to. It helps that they're good at winning ;) winter had us hearing lots of screams in the name of Georgia Debritz and Fall had us cheering "A UTAH MAN AM I! GO UTES!" We will always be true Utes at heart because we hate BYU football ( oops....did I let that one slide. Sorry :)     )
9. Having friends close by: This has really been wonderful, even if we don't see each other ALL the time. Sarah and Shaun live in Brigham City, Bryndee and Taylor live in Bountiful, Kenz lives in Provo. I love being close enough to hangout with old friends. I'm sorry I suck at planning times with y'all. I regret my poor time management already.

10. Having family close by: Chase has extended family that live in Utah County and going to thanksgiving, weddings and such has been a blast. I love to meet his family and they have been the sweetest and most welcoming!
11. Some of our favorite foods here: sushi burrito, bombay house, gourmandise. Go there. Just go, right now. OH and Zupas. WHY DONT THEY HAVE THIS IN TEXAS. PLEASE COME TO TEXAS. 
12. Our ward: We had the best wards while being here. originally we were in the 12th ward before it split. We had no idea we would have the most loving and funny neighbors and chase and I say all the time that this was the best ward we have ever been in (for either of us). Thank you for being the greatest people.

13. Sunbeams: WAHHHHHHH crying just thinking about it. Ive been teaching the 3 year olds at church since January (so 8 months?) and chase started teaching with me in April. I love those little kiddos so much. They teach me something new every week. (also, I seriously can't believe how fast kids grow. How do parents even cope with this....?)

14. Mormons everywhere: Well to be fair this is on the list of good AND bad things. Ive never lived in a largely mormon populated area before. Since this is on the good side I guess I'll tell you why this was a plus at times. Not having to explain yourself all the time is kinda nice. Not explaining why you don't drink, why you wear sleeves, why you have church for three hours every week why why why. You find friends that got married young, people don't think you're a crazy freak (well, they might. but not JUST because you're mormon). It's easy. So easy here. I think that's why so many people stay here. (that leads into the not so goo things but you can read that later)

15. City Creek: Cool mall down the street from us. Nuff said. 

16. Close sephora shipping: This is the stupidest thing ever but Sephora has some sort of facility over in Salt Lake or something so I get my packages like a day after I order them. It's amazing. I'll miss that. 
17. Walks in our favorite neighborhood: Just a really beautiful snazzy neighborhood with lots of character and I love it. the one right off sunny side ave and foothill. Go there and cheek out all the beautiful houses with tree lined streets. The quail park is a personal favorite as well. In the fall the tree across from the park turns BRIGHT YELLOW and it's amazing. 
18. Sugar house: Just so cute. 
19: McKae: Having Chases sister live so close has been amazing. She left for a bit and recently came back to SLC and we are going to miss her and our bachelor nights so much!  

Here are a few things I probably won't miss as much...*Disclaimer* If you are from Utah you might suddenly find yourself enraged. If thats that case, free to skip this ;) 

1. Crazy drivers: Utah drivers are THE WORST. I'm sorry, if you are a Utah driver there is a 50-90% chance you may be terrible. You may fall into this category if you change lanes without a blinker, without checking your blind spot, without checking ANYTHING AT ALL, going 85 in a construction zone, if you cross double lines you're not suppose to cross, if you slam on the brakes at a red light and floor it as soon as it turns green, you can't stay in your own lane to save your life (literally) and many others. I really don't know why there are so many of them...especially since I hear you learn to drive IN SCHOOL. I'm sorry Utah, everyone from other states thinks so. 

2. Snow: I mean, I'll probably miss snow during december but I'm not a big snow person. That's just me. It is really pretty though, so I'll give it that. 

3. Mormons everywhere: Remember this one? Yeah. I could write forever...but I won't. Basically here is the jist. I have been Mormon my whole life and have never seen families act like they do here in Utah. From just random weirdness (the jello type thing, the giant teased hair) to ostracizing members of the family for doing things the church advises not to. Like at extreme levels. No wonder so many people leave the church here in Utah, and sometimes I think another chunk of them stay in fear they will be lonely. It's super confusing and bums me out. Also, some people don't let their kids go to dances and such with nonmembers? Strange. I guess those of us from non-mormon populous areas would just be lonely forever. 
ALSO (sorry for rant) back to that easy thing. I really think people stay because it's easy to not explain yourself. I get it, I like that, I really do. But sometimes I think it's necessary to leave the bubble for a little bit to get what the rest of the world is really like. People are good and happy and loving in other states (and countries) too. (PS leaving for 2 years to Argentina doesn't count as leaving Utah if you never step foot out of Utah again when you come back...). Alright. Now that I've sufficiently made some people angry, I'm done. 

4. Provo: JUUSSTTTT KIDDING. I'M HERE TO MAKE IT WORSE. I mean, I don't hate provo I just wont miss going there. I'll miss some people there, but Provo is like a giant Rexburg where it's acceptable for Bros to ride mopeds together and for "cool kids" to be beyond the rules. And I'm not just talkin honor code rules. Those of you trying to keep Provo classy, you are worth your weight in gold. 

5.Cafe Rio: Ok before you all come try and find my house so you can kill me because of this one just KNOW that I don't hate cafe rio. I really don't. I just don't see what the hype is about. I swear everyone in Utah loves cafe rio and it kinda just tastes like semi bland "mexican food" (quotations because in no way does it taste like mexican food). I mean, sometimes I really am in the mood for a lot of lettuce and some chicken, I just don't want to pay 20 bucks for it. Thats all.....Please don't kill me. 

I think the thing I'll miss most about Utah is how much this has become my home. The things you love you love a lot, and the things you don't love you excuse as a normal part of life. I would love to move back to Salt Lake someday. (honestly though, I'm not sure I could live anywhere but salt lake area...sorry utah county). 
I love the city, the feeling it brings. I love the amazing people we have met. I love the creative atmosphere. I love so many things about where we live, and I will miss it so SO much. I can't wait till we come back. *TRIES TO HOLD BACK THE TEARS*

oh yeah...and 20.Our Black Wall: 
 Thanks for the memories Utah. It has been so incredibly real.