Bryndee & Taylor : Engagements

It was so great to snap a few pictures of Bryndee and her man Taylor before their wedding the second week of May! They are freakishly beautiful so I would take pictures of them anyway, lets be real. We just had time for a couple,
 if you've read my last posts you'll know that none of these will be edited in the same style. I kind of hate it and kind of love it because not being a professional photographer, I kind of get to do whatever I like, and whatever the "client" likes too.  While I normally like light, airy photos; I guess sometimes it's nice to have a heavy fade or distort colors. That's why Bryns rocking dress is a million different colors in this shoot fyi. Just embrace it with me, will you? ;) 
So basically they are adorable and I can't handle it. AND their wedding is in ONE WEEK! Married friends in the making. Congrats to the future Mr. & Mrs. Deamer!