Fall Cleaning

So I thought I'd clean up my blog a bit. I gave it a new, more personalized name and it's far from perfect. One day I'll either learn HTML so I can make my blog look the way I want, or I'll be able to afford a template that I actually like. We will see what comes first I suppose. 

But I have decided to start doing some makeup posts, some mood boards, and everything in between. I'm no expert on these things but I like to follow blogs that post pretty things- so perhaps I should post more pretty things. 

Also, I will probably not proofread these posts (cause I'm lazzyyy) so you will find lots of mistakes. Sorry bout that life. More posts to come! And I should post more often now. ( say that every time though. don't listen to me, I'm a liar)
OH! and I finally decided I have to get over myself and use bloglovin...it's a slow transition. I'm working on it. Am I the only one who misses good ol regular blogger?

(pic above is of tiny broken shells on the shore of Lake Michigan pretty cool, eh? ehhhh? perks of visiting Wisconsin I guess)