Fall Leaves...But Hopefully not too soon

Did any of you catch the cheesy joke I made in the title? Yeah. I'm not very funny but I try so the occasional pity laugh is appreciated. Anywho, heres something funny (again, not really funny but its a segway...go with it.) I used to HATE fall as a kid. For some reason the thought of it made me me cringe like a baby eating a lemon. Now? I'm LOVING fall. weird right? but the leaves are so pretty and the mild weather with the sun still shining. LOVE IT. 

I love fall for: 
-pumpkin spice hot chocolate
-cool days
-sweaters and boots
Basically chillin with Mr.Joyner and taking life as it comes.  I also got to watch a great GENERAL CONFERENCE . Click it up, learn some stuff about what I believe in, it's jazzy. Also, I have some pretty cool friends.