Recap Attack- Semester II

So guess whos a giant slacker.... this kid. I don't think I've updated my blog but like twice this entire semester BUT with good cause children.. my computer was broken. Actually, it still is. My dad was kind enough to send me a replacement because being at college without a computer is a little frustrating to say the least. So I'm not quite sure how to recap this, but since the semesters over I'll just give a little overview...
These are the lovely women of Avonlea 2. We had our ups and downs, but I learned so much from them. I loved the helpful advice, our quote wall, roommate prayer(roses and thorns), bowchika wow wows, breakout naming, "you don't know your beautiful" singing, weird face making, clothes sharing, fridge rearanging (many times mind you) and so much more. I was SO blessed to be roommates this past semester with Michelle, Heather, Nicole, Claire and Paola.
I was also blessed to have the Best FHE family I could have asked for. We had the best times just stopping at eachothers apartments, weekend trippin it to pocatello, singing songs as the most musical family to hit BYUI, Jamming to "you and I" and hitting up porter park. Michael, Aaron, Sean, Matt, and Josh are some amazing men. Nuff' said. 
Annnddd thanks to Nicole and the Disney Program I met this man, Chase! He's such a goober and I'm so greatful for someone who accepts me for me. Whether he believes it or not, I like him the "mostest" times infinity... Even if he isn't crazy about my country music and his grammar lack a little ;)
So I met some new people, said goodbye to some friends for 2 years for their missions, learned a lot about myself and realized how greatful I am for my Family, my friends and My heavenly Father. Hopefully I'll be rooming with this lovely lady in the fall!