November 27, 2011

Hey Y'all! I'm Jovanna!

Joe-vah-nah Ray-ah Just in case you were curious... ;) 
Jovanna Rhea Joyner in fact: hence J squared, and the website name
But I'll always be a De La Peña too! 
I am currently back in Dallas,Texas after a move from Salt Lake City, Utah last year. This is my random blog of things I enjoy: photos I've taken, makeup posts, and an online journal of life in general. 

I love: sloths( basically more than anything. I watch this video at least once a week. I'm not kidding) food of all kinds, sleeping in, weddings, makeup, the smell of pine sol, stopping all conversations when a dog enters my line of sight, making weird noises, binge watching criminal minds & parks and rec, lying in the sun for hours, and picking out my favorite houses on walks around random neighborhoods. 

I'm married my best friend (how cliché, right?) April, 3 of 2014. We met in April of 2012. I told him I wasn't looking for anything serious, 2 weeks into dating he said he could see himself marrying me and I told him to back away from me very quickly... and then we got married. I left out some details but you get the jist. Together we make baby sloth noises, obsess over having a dog, enjoy Indian food,  share animals videos via Facebook all day, daydream about living in a loft in a big city, and disagree on whether on not our mattress should be a permanent fixture in the living room. ( I mean the TV is out there, soooo..)

I hope you stick around:  I love to meet new people. You can not find someone who loves creeping as much as I do so don't be nervous to chat, even if I don't know you! I If you have a blog ,send me a link! I'd love to find new people to blog stalk. thanks for stoping by ;)

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